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Ladders Social Studies 5: The Inca (on-level), 6-pack

$51.00 9781285823546


6 copies of The Inca (On Level) Articles for the National Geographic Pre-Columbian Americans Series. Articles include Who were the Inca?, Inca Artifacts and Lland of the Llamas

Student Supplements
Ladders Social Studies 5: The Inca (on-level), print + eBook
9781285823928 $13.50

One on-level print book and one corresponding eBook

Ladders Social Studies 5: The Inca (on-level)
9781285349206 $8.50

Articles linked together by the topic of the Inca

Ladders Social Studies 5: The Inca (on-level), eBook
9781285772035 $8.50

Three readability levels, same content and visuals in all selections, high interest social studies topics

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Ladders Social Studies 5: Pre-Columbian Americans, Classroom Set



Ladders Social Studies 5: (on-level), Classroom Set