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Canciones y cuentos B: Teacher Resource Package

$649.25 9781285807058


Canciones y cuentos is an elementary Spanish phonics program for grades K-2. It can be used as a stand-alone program or with the Reach for Reading program. The Teacher Resource Package includes the Songs Big Book, Fotofonetica Phonics Picture Cards, Letras Moviles, Syllable Cards, Decodable Books Single-Copy Set (1 copy each of 26 decodable books), Activity Book, and Teacher's Guide.

Teacher Supplements
Canciones y cuentos B (Decodable Books): Single-Copy Set
9781285835860 $217.75

Decodable books contain stories in Spanish that delight students and invite them to learn the basics of reading through phonics.

This set includes 1 copy each of 26 decodable books:
En el zoo
Tito y Pepito
Las aves
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Canciones y cuentos B: Activity Book

The Activity Book features practice pages to build skill mastery with take-home activities included.

Canciones y cuentos B: Syllable Cards
9781285765303 $67.50

Double-sided cards provide words to introduce syllables.

Canciones y cuentos A-C: Letras Moviles
9781285782164 $16.25

These sing-along MP3s engage students.

Canciones y cuentos A-C: Fotofonetica Phonics Picture Cards
9781285198880 $201.00

191 double-sided cards provide clear photographic images to introduce sounds and their corresponding spellings.

Canciones y cuentos B: Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide includes complete lesson plans and routines along with built-in assessments. Instruction is in both English and Spanish.

Canciones y cuentos B: Songs Big Book
9781285741727 $87.50

Songs build phonemic awareness while song lyrics reinforce speech and print connections.

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Canciones y cuentos B: Classroom Set