MicroType 6 Windows Network Site License DVD (with Quick Start Guide)

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Author : South-Western Educational Publishing


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6th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2010, 2006, 2003

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MICROTYPE 6 is an instructional program for alphabetic and numeric keyboarding, skill-building, and the numeric keypad with motivating graphics, games, and a word processor with built-in timer. This software program teaches correct finger placement and builds basic keyboarding skills, then works on ... more


Alphabetic, numeric, skill-building, and keypad program with motivating graphics, games, and a word processor.

Timed writings are used with alphabetic and numeric review lessons.

In the Skill-building lessons, performance feedback is provided along with a skills analysis writing for the student, a... more

New to this Edition

New version for new edition of Century 21 10e.

New communications activities for grammar, writing, and word choice.

Updated specifications for Windows 8.

Teacher Supplements
MicroType 6 with CheckPro Network Site License DVD for Century 21™ Digital Information Management (with Quick Start Guide)

MicroType 6 with CheckPro is a combination software program for keyboarding instruction and document checking. MicroType 6 includes touch-typing instruction for alphabetic and numeric keyboarding and the... more

Student Supplements
Century 21® Jr. Computer Applications with Keyboarding

Just getting started in the computer world? This introductory text, CENTURY 21™, JR. COMPUTER APPLICATIONS WITH KEYBOARDING, 3E is the perfect companion for navigation of computer basics, file management, the Internet, keyboarding, word processing, desktop publishing, sp... more