Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation

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Authors : Steven S. Zumdahl; Donald J. DeCoste



9th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2015, 2011

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Zumdahl and DeCoste's best-selling INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY: A FOUNDATION, combines enhanced problem-solving structure with substantial pedagogy to enable students to become strong, independent problem solvers. Capturing student interest through early coverage of chemical reactions, accessible explana... more


The treatment of stoichiometry includes “BCA” (Before-Change-After) tables to give students another method to conceptually understand the role coefficients play in a balanced chemical reaction. Students are shown three methods to select a limiting reactant. By thinking about a problem from various p... more

New to this Edition

A modified and updated full-color art program now better serves visual learners. In addition, the art has been reconfigured for better clarity, glassware illustrations have been updated, and the orbital art has been redesigned. Many new photos provide a contemporary look and increase the book’s rele... more

Teacher Supplements
Annotated Instructor's Edition

This version of the text features a wrap-around margin with extensive annotations that provide instructors and teaching assistants with teaching tips, information on integrating supplements into lectures, and answers to all problems.

Student Supplements
Student Solutions Manual
9781337399470 $85.25

Homework help! This manual contains detailed solutions for the even-numbered end-of-chapter problems and cumulative review exercises.

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Bundle: Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation, 9th Student Edition + OWL™ (6-year access)



Digital Bundle: Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation, 9th OWL™ + VitalSource™ eBook (1-year access)



Digital Bundle: Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation, 9th OWL™ + VitalSource™ eBook (6-year access)