Biology, 11th Edition

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Authors : Eldra P. Solomon; Linda R. Berg; Charles E. Martin; Diana W. Martin



11th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2015, 2011

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Solomon, Martin, Martin and Berg's BIOLOGY is a complete teaching program. The integrated, inquiry-based learning system guides students through every chapter, starting with key concepts at the beginning of each chapter and learning objectives for each section. End-of-section Checkpoint questions en... more


"Inquiring About" boxes explore issues relevant to students' lives, providing a forum for discussing topics of current interest in more detail. Hundreds of examples throughout the book demonstrate the connections between the laboratory and real life.

The text's successful learning system guides stu... more

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The genetics and DNA technology chapters present discussions of the CRISPR gene editing system and CRISPR-mediated gene drive. Coverage of the mechanisms behind CRISPR-mediated gene drive as well as its potential biological and social consequences. These chapters also include expanded discussion of ... more

Student Supplements
Laboratory Manual for Majors General Biology
9780495115052 $177.75

Featuring a clear format and a wealth of illustrations, this lab manual helps biology majors learn science by doing it. This manual includes numerous inquiry-based experiments, relevant activities, and supporting questions that assess recall, understanding, and application. The ex... more

Study Guide for Solomon/Martin/Martin/Berg's Biology, 11th
9781337392969 $101.25

A companion to the Solomon Biology program, the Study Guide provided chapter and concept overviews, vocabulary practice, and diagram practice.

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