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Edge 2014 Fundamentals: Leveled Library Single-Copy Set

$182.50 9780736261715


1 copy each of 12 titles, plus access to the online Teacher's Guides and Student Journals.

Student Supplements
Explorer Books (Pioneer Social Studies: U.S. History): Freedom Readers
9780792282358 $9.75

Single copy of Freedom Readers. Find out why reading was so important to slaves and how some African-American slaves beat the odds and found freedom through reading. 

Families: Inside Theme Book
9780736209571 $11.50

This photo essay shows families from all over the world. Simple text reinforces names for family members.

Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: History/Culture): Houses
9780792243182 $10.50

This book shows how houses are built differently in different environments

inZone Book: Any Small Goodness
9780736227971 $18.50

Meet "Turo" Rodriquez, who lives with his family in Los Angeles. Each chapter is a story from Turo's barrio, the hard life there and the good things, too.

Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Social Studies: Kids Around The World): Maasai Dreamer: A Story from Kenya
9781426350993 $20.00

A school well project helps a Maasai community in Kenya.

With the Kids Around the World series, use the power of content-based fiction to explore the relationship between traditional cultures and contempor... more

Language, Literacy & Vocabulary - Reading Expeditions (U.S. History and Life): Women Work For Change
9780792254560 $17.00

Women fought hard to get the right to vote.

inZone Book: Frankenstein
9780736227933 $16.50

Victor Frankenstein makes a giant monster out of dead bodies. The monster just wants to be loved, but what happens when the monster can't get what he wants?

Explorer Books (Pathfinder Science: Earth Science): Wicked Weather
9780792280033 $9.75

Single copy of Wicked Weather. Travel into the twisting path of a tornado and find out what risks scientists take to learn about these dangerous, wicked storms.

inZone Books: Hercules: The Twelve Labors
9780736231626 $20.00

Hercules must prove his loyalty and legendary strength to his cousin, King Eurystheus. But is he stronger and more clever than an angry goddess?

Language, Literacy & Vocabulary - Reading Expeditions (U.S. History and Life): What Makes A Community?
9780792254546 $17.00

Communities meet people's needs.

Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: Economics/Government): Rice
9780792285168 $12.00

Describes the farming, harvesting and marketing of rice throughout the world

inZone Book: Who’s Got Game' The Lion or the Mouse'
9780736227742 $20.00

Lion thinks he is the "baddest in the land," until a weak little mouse has to help him remove a thorn from his paw. Mouse thinks that he is now king, but will the other animals listen to Mouse?