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Alphachant Phonics PreK: Phonics Kit

$1253.75 9780736223935


26 Lap Books and CD, Phonics Picture Cards, Finger Puppet, Make-and-Take-Home Books, and Teacher’s Guide

Teacher Supplements
Reach Phonics Picture Cards
9780736279741 $182.50

214 double-sided picture cards are designed for phonics practice and reinforcement.

Finger Puppet
9780736219693 $1.75

Used for phonemic awareness activities.

Alphachant Phonics PreK: Teachers Guide
9780736223904 $102.75

Directs activities for phonemic awareness, phonics, handwriting, and assessment

Student Supplements
Alphachant Phonics: CD
9780736217828 $34.25

Builds phonemic awareness and introduces letters and sounds