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About Our World

Welcome to Our World


Welcome to Our World introduces very young learners to traditional children’s songs from around the world, teaching them English through music, rhythm, and motion.

Each song is taught by Dr. Joan Kang Shin and performed by young learners in real classrooms, and fully supports the language and concepts introduced in the Student's Books. 

  • Interactive Sampler

    Work through a Student Book unit from all 3 levels of Welcome to Our World, with their supporting audio, video, and Lesson Planner content!

    Interactive Sampler

  • The Songs

    Find out which traditional songs the fantastic Welcome to Our World songs are adapted from, and which countries they come from too!

    WOW Songs

  • Sing and Teach!

    Watch very young learners in Serbia sing the traditional song In a Castle!
    Then learn how to teach it!

    Sing and Teach!