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About Our World

Welcome to Our World


Welcome to Our World is a three-level preprimary series in American English.

It uses traditional children’s songs from around the world to introduce very young learners to the world of English.

  • Learn English with songs performed by young learners around the world.
  • Games and activities make learning English fun!
  • Beautiful photos from National Geographic capture the imagination of very young learners.
  • The Professional Development video helps teachers use the songs and games effectively.
  • Interactive Sampler

    Work through a Student Book unit from all 3 levels of Welcome to Our World, with their supporting audio, video, and Lesson Planner content!

    Interactive Sampler

  • The Songs

    Find out which traditional songs the fantastic Welcome to Our World songs are adapted from, and which countries they come from too!

    WOW Songs

  • Sing and Teach!

    Watch very young learners in Serbia sing the traditional song In a Castle!
    Then learn how to teach it!

    Sing and Teach!