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Technology & Assessment

Explore Our World’s digital resources offer additional practice with the content of the learning materials, and make learning much more fun!

Learning games and activities are available through myNGconnect, Explore Our World’s online companion site for teachers and learners. myNGconnect provides easy access to games, activities, and teaching resources that support, reinforce, and build on the learning done in the classroom.

For busy teachers, Classroom Presentation Tool DVDs integrate all of Explore Our World’s teaching resources in one place, and include all listening and speaking activities, The Sounds of English for pronunciation practice, video, songs, games, and language presentation for each level, making it easy to create an exciting and enjoyable classroom. 
To help busy teachers follow and check their learners’ progress, Assessment Books are available, developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics, and include a placement test and tests that focus on the key communication skills, including listening, speaking, and pronunciation. There are tests for reading and writing too!  

  • Interactive Sampler

    Work through 4 Student Book units with their supporting audio and video content!

    Interactive Sampler

  • Readers Catalog

    Explore the Our World Readers, a set of 54 original stories, folktales, myths, and non-fiction from around the globe.

    Readers Catalog

  • Our World
    in the Classroom

    Watch young learners around the globe sing songs, play games, and experience their world while learning English with Our World.

    Our World in the Classroom