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Professional Development

Dr. Joan Kang Shin, a respected trainer of young learner teachers in over 100 countries, and a series editor for Explore Our World, has designed a Professional Development Program that helps teachers improve their classroom practice, and get the most out of Explore Our World.

The Explore Our World Professional Development Program includes 14 short videos of real classrooms and interviews with teachers from around the world.

Hosted by Dr. Shin, the program covers areas and topics such as:

  • Using video and technology in the classroom
  • Empowering young learners with real-world content
  • Using songs and chants
  • Ensuring success through assessment
  • Storytelling, and much more!
  • Interactive Sampler

    Work through 4 Student Book units with their supporting audio and video content!

    Interactive Sampler

  • Readers Catalog

    Explore the Our World Readers, a set of 54 original stories, folktales, myths, and non-fiction from around the globe.

    Readers Catalog

  • Our World
    in the Classroom

    Watch young learners around the globe sing songs, play games, and experience their world while learning English with Our World.

    Our World in the Classroom