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Learning Materials

Explore Our World’s learning materials bring together fun and fascinating information about the real world, supported by stunning National Geographic images and specially-created videos, to motivate and enable young learners to learn English.

Each Explore Our World Student Book includes eight 10-page units of light and lively content, and exposes young learners to:

  • Fun listening and speaking activities
  • Pronunciation practice with The Sounds of English
  • Songs and language learning games
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Video activities
  • A focus on global values with National Geographic Values and Mission pages,
  • and much, much more!

  • Interactive Sampler

    Work through 4 Student Book units with their supporting audio and video content!

    Interactive Sampler

  • Readers Catalog

    Explore the Our World Readers, a set of 54 original stories, folktales, myths, and non-fiction from around the globe.

    Readers Catalog

  • Our World
    in the Classroom

    Watch young learners around the globe sing songs, play games, and experience their world while learning English with Our World.

    Our World in the Classroom