World Link

Builds confident communication!

Program Overview

Now in a new edition, World Link helps adult learners communicate fluently and confidently in English.  It develops language skills through use of dynamic vocabulary, essential grammar, engaging topics and fascinating images.  Learners will experience the topics and language come alive through an expanded video program!  

New to this Edition!
  • Updated, engaging topics like social media, urban art, and international lifestyles provide a relevant and enjoyable springboard for natural communication.
  • The all-new Starter level, used as a stand-alone student book or as a supplement to the Intro level, is a shorter course option that teaches the basic skills true-beginners need like spelling, numbers, greetings, and high-frequency phrases.
  • A new Warm-Up Video for each unit from authentic sources like National Geographic and YouTube can be used to introduce the unit topic and provide examples of real language.
  • A new Grammar presentation in the students books increases communicative grammar application in the classroom by moving traditional instructional and practice to the Grammar Notes sections in the appendices.  Key structures are reinforced by all-new grammar tutorials on My World Link Online and the Classroom Presentation Tool.
  • My World Link Online is a completely new online, personalized resource for learners and teachers that prepares learners for confident, active classroom participation and gives teachers one-stop access to classroom management options! 
  • The updated Classroom Presentation Tool increases classroom communication through all-new games, tutorials, and activities alongside interactive versions of the student book pages and point-of-use access to the audio and video.