Life technology supports every step of the teaching and learning process!

Technology Support


  • The Classroom Presentation Tool for each level makes teaching easier and learning more effective through an interactive display of the student book pages, customization options, and seamlessly integrated audio and video!
  • The Life DVD for all levels features video from National Geographic and is tied to support and instruction found in the Student Books. 

Independent Practice

  • The eBooks for each level feature interactive pages of the student book and seamless access to the audio and National Geographic video.
  • The Online Workbooks for each level offer independent practice for the lessons taught in the student book, access to the video and audio and track all student progress!
  • The Student CD-ROM for each level includes independent practice activities tied to the lessons taught in the student book along with the National Geographic videos supported by viewing activities. 


  • The Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® allows teachers to create and customize tests quickly and easily.
  • Co-author John Hughes discusses critical thinking in Life.


  • Watch amazing National Geographic video featured in Life!


  • Rich, National Geographic content engages learners!