Kansas City Public Schools implementing National Geographic Science

Science came to life in Kansas City Public School elementary classrooms as the district began year one of a three-year implementation of National Geographic Science curriculum in grades K-5.

The research-based program was designed by leading experts in the field and developed to engage students in real-life science explorations. The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools was one of the first school districts in the country to adopt this program. In fact, the district serves as a "showcase district" and participates in an efficacy study by National Geographic, to ensure the most successful implementation of materials possible.

The 2010-2011 implementation plan outlined piloting the program in 11 district schools last year, with 10 more schools receiving the program each year for the next two years. Schools receiving the program in the first year of implementation were: Douglass, Eugene Ware, Frank Rushton, Lindbergh, McKinley, Mark Twain, M.E. Pearson, New Chelsea, White Church, Whittier and W.A. White.

The new curriculum was reviewed and chosen by a science cadre consisting of principals, instructional coaches and teachers. The cadre also developed pacing and curriculum guides to support the program and National Geographic provided a series of in-service sessions to train staff on implementation techniques.

Click here for a .pdf version of the Executive Summary of the efficacy study.