AP<sup>®</sup> Summer Institutes

AP® Summer Institutes

Thank you!  Your request for materials for your AP® Summer Institute has been received.

National Geographic Learning will send your requested Cengage Learning textbooks. Here are a few things to know:

  • We ask that you send back any extra books after your workshop at our expense. Our customer service team will send to you shipping labels, so please alert us at the beginning of the workshop. To that end, please let us know any changes to quantities of books needed at least 3 weeks prior to your workshop.

  • Email APSI.Support@cengage.com with any shipment or return issues. That is the best way to reach us.

  • Please give your participants free access to our online learning platforms by having them to go NGL.Cengage.com/APSI2018.

  • Please send us a participant list after the workshop. We will email you prior to your workshop with a preferred format in Excel, but we will accept any format.

Should you have any questions or changes, please email APSI.Support@cengage.com.

All the best in preparing for a successful AP® Summer Institute workshop!

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