Welcome to the National Geographic Learning page for Ireland! National Geographic Learning’s mission is to bring the world to the classroom and the classroom to life. With our English language programs, students learn about their world by experiencing it. Through our partnerships with National Geographic and TED, they develop the language and skills they need to be successful global citizens and leaders. To discover more about National Geographic Learning's digital and print resources, please contact our local representative:

Michael Cummings
Michael Cummings
Sales Manager – UK, Ireland and Malta

Mike Cummings joined National Geographic Learning in 2013 and supports accounts across the UK, Eire and Malta. He has experience teaching at private language schools, universities, and summer schools in many countries around the world including the UAE, China, Ireland and the UK.
So far Michael has visited more than 30 countries around the world and randomly appeared on TV in many of them! Now very happily settled in Yorkshire, you can contact him at

Where to buy the books:

International Books
18 Frederick St South
+353 1 679 9375
BEBC Incorporating Keltic
Bournemouth English Book Centre
Albion Close
Parkstone, Poole
BH12 3LL
Tel:+44 (0)333 800 1900
Fax:+44 (0)333 800 1901


National Geographic Learning will be at the following events; we'd love to see you there!

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) in collaboration with ELT Ireland
Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Croke Park, Dublin
ELT Ireland
Saturday 17th February – Sunday 18th February 2018
Griffith College, Dublin

Check out the webinars we've done for Ireland, watch the videos of past sessions and register for upcoming ones!

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Outcomes Webinar, Part 1 with Hugh Dellar

Thursday 14th January, 16:00
Five Golden Rules - for lexical teaching

Outcomes Webinar, Part 2 with Hugh Dellar

Wednesday 10th February, 16:00
Making the leap from grammar to lexis

Outcomes Webinar, Part 3 with Hugh Dellar

Tuesday 15th March, 16:00
Towards better outcomes: sastifying students' needs (and wants)

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2017 ELT Catalogue

Learn English with TED Talks

National Geographic Learning is excited to introduce you to Learn English with TED Talks!

Learn English with TED Talks is a supplemental resource for English language programs, featuring a video-based language learning app that helps learners understand and discuss powerful ideas from TED Talks in the classroom.

With easy-to-use classroom resources such as a Classroom Presentation Tool, Lesson Plans and Correlations, Learn English with TED Talks supports any English language curriculum, makes the ideal tool for flipping your classroom and helps you inspire learners to find their own voice in English

What does it include?

For Students

• 40 TED Talks on the app

• A Before, While, and After You Watch format with on-level activities

• Point-of-use support to help understand new language from the TED Talks

For Teachers

• Classroom presentation tool - original classroom activities, video, and answer keys

• Lesson plans - original classroom activities, video, and answer keys

• Correlations - to find the right TED Talk to support your existing curriculum

Want to know more about how it could work in your classroom?


Still have outstanding questions? See our FAQ below:

• What is Learn English with TED Talks?

Learn English with TED Talks is a supplemental resource for English language programs, featuring a video-based language learning app.
Each TED Talk is accompanied by correlations to common themes covered in English learning classrooms, comprehension support and language practice for new vocabulary, grammar, and speaking strategies.

• How many TED Talks are featured on the App?

There are currently 40 talks that students can access.

• What support is there for teachers?

There is a classroom presentation tool, lesson plans and correlations to help Learn English with TED Talks fit your curriculum.

• Can I access it offline?

Yes, every lesson can be downloaded.

• How do I get access?

Teachers can request a demo at