Imagine Tomorrow

Imagine Tomorrow

As we look ahead to the coming months, like you, we imagine the classroom will be different from the way it was yesterday. Tomorrow will not look like today. The way you teach, connect and engage students will continue to evolve. Whether you are continuing distance learning or heading back to classrooms, or a hybrid, we are here to help support you: curriculum, digital support, technical support, and professional training. National Geographic Learning is ready to help your classroom prepare for tomorrow.

Together, we can prepare for tomorrow.

Three approaches to accessing our programs

Online Learning Platforms

Dynamic and Trackable
Student Engagement

Formative Assessment

Actionable Analytics


Convenient Access

Ease of Use

Fidelity to Print

Print Books


Access and Equity

A Preferred Learning Style

Online Learning Platforms

Online Learning Platform

Students stay focused, engaged, and connected with their learning, while teachers gain actionable insights by monitoring students’ time-on-task and proficiency.

Integrated eBook

An integrated dynamic eBook connects the content to assessment and the application of learning

Customizing the course

Customizing the course gives teachers control to make it their own and keep students focused

Auto-graded assessment

Auto-graded assessment gives boosts of student confidence or quick remediation opportunities


Reports of time-on-task, engagement, and proficiency allows real-time teaching adjustments


eBooks on computer and tablet

Readable online or offline, on any device at any time, eBooks are the definition of convenience.

Our eBooks are a page-by-page match to our print. Highlighting, note-taking, quick search, flashcards, and read aloud features create an enhanced student learning experience.

Print Books

Print books

Reliable, accessible, and supportive of all learning abilities, print is often the preferred format especially for close reading.

One book per student is the ideal for in classroom and distance learning. Package print with digital affordably to have the best of both worlds.

At National Geographic Learning, we understand it’s a new day for reviewing and purchasing programs. Hundreds of programs are readily available for digital sampling – 24/7 access to review programs that will fit your classroom needs.

Resources and help for those affected by COVID-19.

The latest updates on online course support from National Geographic Learning

A big part of your success is making sure you are ready to support your students. Be sure to reach out and connect with your local sales consultants. They are here to provide guidance on all our learning and teaching solutions.

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