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Precision Exams

Precision Exams

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Human Diseases

Marianne Neighbors; Ruth Tanne...

5th Edition

9781337396790 $82.50

Surgical Instrumentation

Nancymarie Phillips

2nd Edition

9781285182537 $82.50

Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement

Michelle A. Green

14th Edition

9781337554220 $142.50

Case Studies in Health Information Management

Patricia Schnering; Nanette B....

3rd Edition

9781305955332 $52.50

Precision Exams Health Science Bundle Site License

1st Edition

9781337668736 $2500.00

Precision Exams High School Site License

1st Edition

9781337668682 $4950.00

Precision Exams Middle School Site License

1st Edition

9781337668699 $2500.00

Precision Exams NHSA Member Individual Exam

1st Edition

9781337668811 $12.00

Precision Exams NHSA Non-Member Individual Exam

1st Edition

9781337668828 $15.00

Precision Exams Work Ready - 21st Century Skills Bundle Site License

1st Edition

9781337668705 $2500.00

Dental Assisting: A Comprehensive Approach

Donna J. Phinney, CDA, MEd; Ju...

5th Edition

9781305967632 $187.50

Administrative Medical Assisting

Linda L. French

8th Edition

9781305859173 $93.75

Becoming a Master Student

Dave Ellis

16th Edition

9781337097109 $87.25

Ethics of Health Care: A Guide for Clinical Practice

Raymond S. Edge; J. Randall Gr...

4th Edition

9781285854182 $112.50

Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional

Doreen Villemaire Oberg; Lorra...

3rd Edition

9781305945425 $112.50

HIPAA for Health Care Professionals

Dan Krager; Carole H. Krager

2nd Edition

9781305946064 $60.00

Nutrition & Diet Therapy

Ruth A. Roth; Kathy L. Wehrle

12th Edition

9781305945821 $127.50

The Complete Textbook of Phlebotomy

Lynn B. Hoeltke

5th Edition

9781337284240 $108.75

Understanding Human Behavior: A Guide for Health Care Professionals

Alyson Honeycutt; Mary Elizabe...

9th Edition

9781305959880 $168.75

Comprehensive Anatomy and Physiology for ICD-10-CM and PCS 2017


1st Edition

9781622542086 $142.95

Medical Terminology for Health Professions

Ann Ehrlich; Carol L. Schroede...

8th Edition

9781337119474 $92.25

IC3 Certification Guide Using Microsoft Windows® 7 & Microsoft® Office 2013

CCI Learning

1st Edition

9781337287975 $70.75

Therapeutic Communication for Health Care Professionals

Carol D. Tamparo; Wilburta (Bi...

4th Edition

9781305574618 $127.50

Introduction to Health Care

Dakota Mitchell; Lee Haroun

4th Edition

9781305575073 $127.50

Body Structures and Functions

Ann Senisi Scott; Elizabeth Fo...

13th Edition

9781305511361 $93.75

Certification Exam Review For Dental Assisting: Prepare, Practice and Pass!

Melissa D. Campbell

1st Edition

9781133282860 $37.50

Clinical Medical Assisting: A Professional, Field Smart Approach to the Workplace

Michelle Heller, CMA (AAMA), R...

2nd Edition

9781305110861 $161.25

Comparative Health Information Management

Ann Peden

4th Edition

9781285871714 $150.00

DHO Health Science Updated

Louise Simmers, M.Ed.; Karen S...

8th Edition

9781305509511 $135.00

ECG: Essentials of Electrocardiography

Cathy Soto

1st Edition

9781285180984 $60.00

From Master Student to Master Employee

Dave Ellis

5th Edition

9781305500532 $87.25

Math for Health Care Professionals

Michael Kennamer

2nd Edition

9781305509788 $75.00

Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies

Michelle Blesi

8th Edition

9781305110700 $97.50

CPT Standard 2017


1st Edition

9781622023981 $64.00

Coding and Payment Guide for Dental Services 2016


1st Edition

9781601518712 $170.95

Coders Dictionary 2016

1st Edition

9781601517876 $94.95

Coding and Payment Guide for Laboratory Services 2016

1st Edition

9781601518590 $170.95

Coding Companion for Primary Care/Pediatrics/Emergency Medicine 2016

1st Edition

9781601518088 $189.95

Current Procedural Coding Expert 2016

1st Edition

9781601518989 $71.25

HCPCS Level II Expert 2016, Spiral bound Version

1st Edition

9781601519139 $71.25

HCPCS Level II Professional 2016


1st Edition

9781601519221 $56.75

Optum Learning: Understanding Modifiers 2016

1st Edition

9781601518866 $91.15

Procedural Cross Coder 2016

1st Edition

9781601518477 $166.20

Coders Desk Reference for Diagnoses 2016

1st Edition

9781622540600 $132.95

Detailed Instruction for Appropriate ICD-10-CM Coding 2016

1st Edition

9781622540662 $94.95

Comp Anatomy and Physiology for ICD-10-CM and PCS 2016

1st Edition

9781601519078 $142.95

CPT Standard 2016 (Softbound)

American Medical Association

1st Edition

9781622022083 $64.00