¡Exploremos! Nivel 1A
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Authors : Mary Ann Blitt; Margarita Casas



1st Edition

©2018 , Published


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Level 1A provides a full year of middle school instruction in Spanish

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Takes full advantage of National Geographic’s uniquely compelling photography, while connecting students to a new generation of National Geographic explorers. Guided by ACTFL’s National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, students will be led to make Comparisons with and Connections to the grou... more

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Bundle: Exploremos Level 1A, 1st Student Edition + Premium Website (1-year access)

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Bundle: Exploremos Level 3, 1st Student Edition + MindTap™ (1-year access)

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Digital Bundle: Exploremos Level 1A, 1st MindTap™ (6-year access)

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