Grammar in Context

  • AUTHORS: Sandra N. Elbaum; Judi P. Peman
  • ©2011  | Published
  • Recommended For: Higher Education | Private Language Schools | Summer School
  • Grade(s): 9 , 10 , 11 , 12
  • Subject(s): Grammar


About the Program

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National Geographic Learning’s best-selling grammar series now has more of what works for students and teachers! Students learn more, remember more, and use language more effectively when they learn grammar in context. Grammar in Context, Fifth Edition presents grammar in interesting, informative readings and then recycles the language and context throughout every activity.

The fifth edition of Grammar in Context has MORE!

  • MORE visual support including an exciting, new four-color design to help students navigate through the program.
  • MORE connection between grammar and writing, demonstrated through writing models and enhanced by more editing practice for relevant application of target grammar points.
  • MORE technology support for the teacher and student:
  • Online Lesson Planner offers time saving solutions for the busy instructor.
  • Online Workbook features additional exercises that learners can access in the classroom, language lab, or at home.
  • MORE contemporary and relevant readings and topics like the Hudson River plane-landing, President Obama, social networking, and more!
  • MORE accessible and contextualized grammar charts and presentations provide added clarity.

About the Author

  • Sandra N. Elbaum

    Sandra N. Elbaum was an ESL Instructor at Truman College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, for thirty-six years. She has also taught in elementary and high schools, and in Mexico, Puerto Rico, the former Soviet Union, and Slovakia. Sandy is the author of the popular series Grammar in Context, now in its Fifth Edition. Sandy received her B.A. in Spanish and M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Illinois.

  • Judi P. Peman

    Judi A. Peman has a B.A. in Spanish Education and an M.A. in Linguistics, both from the University of Illinois. She has taught ESL to both high school students and adults for over 30 years. Currently, she is a teacher emeritus at Truman Community College in Chicago. Judi has presented workshops in basic reading and writing at various professional conferences. She has also taught and trained teachers in both Spain and China. Judi is the author/co-author of 3 ESL text books.

Products Included


Online Workbook:

  • Identifies and helps students focus on skills that require additional practice
  • Provides customized learning paths based on student performance
  • Re-teaches grammar through interactive grammar charts
  • Allows instructors to track student performance with gradebook feature

Online Lesson Planner:

Teachers can:

  • Create step-by-step pacing guides based on course length and time constraints
  • Customize and edit lesson plans in a few easy steps

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