General Chemistry
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Authors : Darrell D. Ebbing; Steven D. Gammon


1152 Pages  Hardcover 

11th Edition

©2017 , Published

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The eleventh edition was carefully reviewed with an eye toward strengthening the content available in OWLv2, end-of-chapter questions, and updating the presentation. Nomenclature changes and the adoption of IUPAC periodic table conventions are highlights of the narrative revisions, along with change... more


The essay series “A Chemist Looks At…” includes many contemporary topics, such as “The Discovery of New Elements” and “Lithium-Ion Batteries.” The essays on “Instrumental Methods” describe modern methods in chemistry, such as NMR and mass spectrometry. Both series of essays have accompanying end-of-... more

New to this Edition

Each of the Example Problems have been formatted to provide a clearer path for student learning and the parallel OWLv2 Interactive Examples have been reimagined to better match the problem-solving approach and tools in the book.

New Capstone Problems have been added to a number of chapters.

Throug... more

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