Western Civilization, Alternate Volume: Since 1300 (AP® Edition)
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Author : Jackson J. Spielvogel



10th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2015

©2018 , Published

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Any complete understanding of today’s world must take into account the meaning of Western Civilization and the role Western civilization has played in history. Despite modern progress, we still greatly reflect our religious traditions, our political systems and theories, our economic and social stru... more


Historian Debate: designed to make students more aware of the interpretive nature of history and to help them examine how and why historians differ in their interpretation of specific topics.

Images of Everyday Life: combines two or more illustrations with a lengthy caption to provide insight into ... more

New to this Edition

New or revised materials has been added to each chapter, including additional material on women and witchcraft, new directions in medicine, technological innovations and academic institutions.

New Historians Debate feature helps students examine how and why historians differ in their interpretation... more

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