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Reach for Reading 3 (Small Group Library): Single-Copy Set

$1611.50 9781133900320


The Small Group Library Single-Copy Set includes 1 copy of each of the 122 Small Group Library titles. These leveled readers include award-winning trade titles and are engaging and motivating for all readers. Note: Small Group Library titles are drawn from multiple programs.

Teacher Supplements
Reach for Reading 3: Teacher's Edition Set (8 Volumes)

The Teacher's Edition Set is your complete resource for planning and instruction in 8 volumes. This set includes best practices, interactive whiteboard lessons, small group reading lessons, Practice Masters and answer keys, assessment and reteaching.

9781133900139 $570.00
Reach for Reading 3: Teacher Resource Package

The Teacher Resource Package includes:
Read with Me Selection CD Set
Cross-Curricular Teamwork Activities, 4-pack
Language and Literacy Teamwork Activities, 4-pack
Sing with Me Language Songs CD Set
Benchmark Test Masters
ExamView® CD-ROM

9781133900238 $528.50
Reach for Reading 3 (Explorer Books Collection): Single-Copy Set

This Explorer Books Collection Single-Copy Set includes 1 copy each of 32 Pioneer and 32 Pathfinder titles (64 books total). Pioneer and Pathfinder editions present identical content at two different reading levels: Pioneer (grades 2-4) and Pathfinder (grades 4-6).

The 32 Pioneer/Pathfinder titles are:
Freedom Reader... more

9781133900382 $512.00
Student Supplements
Library Book: Vacation Under The Volcano
9780679890508 $6.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent Plus (Science): The Cornfield Volcano

Antonio and Dominica are the first people in their town to witness a new volcano growing in the cornfield.

9781426350436 $14.00
Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Eyewitness): The Eruption of Mount St. Helens

A girl rushes to rescue her brothers as Mount St. Helens erupts. Will she and her family survive this devastating natural disaster?

Your students will learn about science as they read the Eyewitness series of realistic adventure stories. Each story takes place during a famous American natural disast... more

9780792258629 $21.00
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Earth/Space): Mountains of Firs

This book looks at how volcanoes form and why they erupt.

9780792242833 $9.25
Library Book: Volcanoes
9780822590200 $9.75
Library Book: Volcano: Eruption and Healing of Mt. St Helen's
9780689716799 $12.25
Library Book: Earthquake! A Story of Old San Francisco
9780140363906 $7.50
Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Eyewitness): The San Francisco Earthquake

A boy survives the San Francisco earthquake in 1906. He bravely combats fire and falling buildings to help rescue his friends.

Your students will learn about science as they read the Eyewitness series of realistic adventure stories. Each story takes place during a famous American natural disaster. Reade... more

9780792258643 $21.00
Library Book: The Big Wave
9780064401715 $7.25
Library Book: Earthquakes
9780448432038 $13.00
Library Book: The Snow Walker
9780876149591 $8.50
Library Book: Earthquakes

This informative book explains how earthquakes happen, describes several major quakes, and discusses how to stay safe in an earthquake.

9780064451888 $7.50
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Fluent Plus (Science): Slow Changes on Earth

Shows and explains how the continents, as well as wind, water, and ice, change the Earth's surface over time.

9780792260905 $10.75
Library Book: Earthquakes
9781620659533 $8.50
Library Book: Volcanoes

Using diagrams, illustrations, and examples of real volcanic eruptions this informative book explains how volcanoes form and what happens when they erupt.

9780064451895 $7.75
Library Book: Spaghetti & Meatballs for All! A Math Story

Mr. and Mrs. Comfort invite their family over for spaghetti and meatballs, but they must keep rearranging the tables so that everyone has somewhere to sit.

9780545044455 $9.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent Plus (Math): The High-Wheeler Race

Naomi's thinking skills lead her to find and solve a logistical problem - and make the high-wheeler race a success.

9781426350399 $14.00
Library Book: Eight Days: A Story of Haiti
9780545640978 $8.50
Library Book: 7 X 9 = Trouble
9780374464523 $8.75
Library Book: The Dragon's Scales
9780679883814 $5.00
Library Book: Sir Cumference and The Dragon of Pioneer
9781570911644 $9.75
Library Book: Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story

Against the order of his government, a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania issued thousands of visas to Jewish refugees to help them flee the Nazis during World War II.

9781584301578 $11.75
Library Book: Charles Lindbergh
9780756510169 $9.75
Library Book: Night Flight: Amelia Earhart Crosses the Atlantic
9781416967330 $20.75
Library Book: Flight: The Journey of Charles Lindbergh
9780698114258 $8.50
Library Book: It Can't Be Done, Nellie Bly!
9781561456864 $9.75
Library Book: Me and Rolly Maloo
9781580891592 $9.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: History/Culture): The Great Pyramid

This book explains why and how ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid at Giza, long before modern machines and tools.

9780792285045 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Math: Math in Science): The Golden Gate Bridge

Look at the math and physical science used in building this famous bridge

9780792246619 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Math: Math in Science): The Eiffel Tower

Focuses on the importance of the triangle and the arch for building a strong tower

9780792246541 $9.25
Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot

A True Story of the Berlin Airlift and the Candy that Dropped from the Sky.

Life was grim in 1948 West Berlin, Germany. Josef Stalin blockaded all ground routes coming in and out of Berlin to cut off West Berliners from all food and essential supplies. Without outside help, over 2.2 million people would die.

Thus began the Berlin Airlift, a ... more

9781585360697 $29.56
Library Book: Harriet Tubman
9780531247037 $7.50
Library Book: Helen Keller: Courage In The Dark
9780679877059 $5.00
Library Book: A Chance to Shine
9781582463049 $9.75
Library Book: Louis Braille
9780822585480 $11.00
Library Book: Mary McLeod Bethune
9780064461689 $8.75
Library Book: Martin's Big Words
9781423106357 $9.75
Library Book: Roberto Clemente
9780822586197 $9.50
inZone Book: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was one of the greatest presidents of the United States. When he was President, the united States had many problems, but he showed Americans that nothing is impossible.

9780736227841 $16.75
Library Book: Nelson Mandela
9781467749923 $10.75
Library Book: The Pied Piper
9781404873629 $8.50
Grandfather’s Dream

A wonderful story about the way a small village in Vietnam helped save the beautiful Sarus Crane. It reminds us that we must all share the inheritance if the creatures of the world, including ourselves, are to have a safe place in which to live.

9781563347078 $14.75
Library Book: Sparrow Girl
9781484707227 $10.75
Library Book: Buffalo Song
9781600609909 $12.00
Library Book: John Muir

Learn more about John Muir, a writer and explorer. He inspired Teddy Roosevelt to help protect the wilderness.

9780516273426 $6.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Science: Science Inquiry): Meet Jane Goodall

Introduces the famous animal researcher and considers the influence of her work

9780792248279 $9.25
Library Book: Conservation
9781599209265 $12.00
Theme Sets: Indonesia's Rain Forests

Rain forests play an important role in the oxygen cycle, providing the oxygen that animals and people need. The different trees in rain forests have different uses

9780792247623 $13.50
Library Book: Red-Eyed Tree Frog

A red-eyed tree frog spends an evening in the rain forest searching for food and hiding from predators.

9780439782210 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Science: Science Inquiry): Frog Report

Examines three case studies that look at why frogs around the world are disappearing

9780792248255 $9.25
Ocean Animals

Oceans are essential for life on earth. They also provide a rich habitat for millions of plants and animals.

9780792247159 $13.50
Rain Forest Animals

Tropical rain forests are mostly found between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The warm temperatures, high humidity an abundant rainfall support the dense plant growth that provides millions of species of animals with food and shelter.

9780792247173 $13.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: Geography): Going Up The Mountain

Introduces habitats and creatures at varying altitudes

9780792292227 $10.75
Library Book: A Rainforest Habitat

The Amazon rainforest is home to many plants and animals. The rain forest provides shelter and energy to its inhabitants.

9780778729860 $11.00
Reading Expeditions (Science: On Assignment): Journeying into Rain Forests

Trek through the dense rain forests with scientists who gather information about these amazing ecosystems. From central Africa to Borneo to Bolivia, you will learn about plants and animals that live in these jungles.

9780792284475 $14.00
Reading Expeditions (Science: Life Science): Ecosystems

Explore the prairie ecosystem, its populations, habitats, food chains, and food webs. Learn the relationships between the living and the nonliving parts of an ecosystem and how ecosystems stay in balance.

9780792245780 $14.00
Library Book: The Ugly Vegetables
9781570914911 $9.75
Library Book: City Green
9780062325792 $8.25
Library Book: The Garden of Happiness

Marisol and her neighbors transform a vacant lot into a lush community garden. Marisol surprises everyone by growing the most special plant in the garden.

9780152305826 $22.25
Library Book: Wanda's Roses
9781563979255 $13.25
9780152928513 $21.00
Library Book: One Green Apple
9780618434770 $20.75
Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Social Studies: Kids Around The World): Hopes and Dreams: A Story from Northern Thailand

Life is difficult for Tal and his family in their Thai village, but Tal and his friends may have a plan that can help. The three children work to save rural traditions.

With the Kids Around the World series, use the power of content-based fiction to explore the rela... more

9781426350986 $17.50
Library Book: The Good Garden
9781554537631 $11.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Life Science): Cactuses

Cactuses are special plants that can live in deserts. Learn about how they collect water in thick stems and protect themselves with sharp spines.

9780792287230 $8.50
Language, Literacy & Vocabulary - Reading Expeditions (Life Science/Human Body): A World of Plants

Plants have features that allow them to live in many places.

9780792254065 $15.00
Temperate Forests

Temperate forests are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It has rich soil that makes it a good habitat for many kinds of plants.

9781426351426 $13.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Life Science): Big Red Tomatoes

Simple text explains the life cycle of the tomato from seed to harvest and discusses the versatile tomato's many uses.

9780792292210 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: Economics/Government): From Tree to Me

Explains how we get the wood that we use to build things

9780792246701 $9.25
Reading Expeditions (Science: Life Science): Plant Power

Dig into the green world that grows silently around us. Explore how plants make their own food, protect themselves, reproduce, provide much of the earth's oxygen, and even combat pollution.

9780792288602 $14.00
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: Economics/Government): Rice

Describes the farming, harvesting and marketing of rice throughout the world

9780792285168 $10.75
Library Book: The Runaway Rice Cake
9780689829727 $21.75
Library Book: Under the Lemon Moon
9781584300519 $11.25
Library Book: Four Feet, Two Sandals
9780802852960 $20.75
Library Book: My Rows and Piles of Coins
9780395751862 $20.75
Library Book: Grandpa's Corner Store
9780062313607 $9.25
Library Book: Uncle Willie And The Soup Kitchen
9780688152857 $8.75
Library Book: Pitching in for Eubie
9780062325808 $8.25
inZone Book: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Nine years after the atom bomb was dropped in Hiroshima Japan, Sadako begins to feel sick from the radiation and dies. But her bravery is not forgotten, and her classmates carry on her wish--to make 1,000 paper cranes.

9780736227872 $13.75
Library Book: Making Water Clean
9780736851787 $8.50
Library Book: Farmers Then and Now
9780743993777 $11.00
Library Book: A Weed Is a Flower
9780671664909 $8.75
Library Book: Ryan and Jimmy and The Well in Africa That Brought Them Together

Ryan and Jimmy and The Well in Africa That Brought Them Together

9781554532711 $12.25
Library Book: All Aboard!: Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine
9781770495142 $9.75
Library Book: Levi Strauss and Blue Jeans
9780736896467 $9.75
Library Book: Marvelous Mattie
9780374348106 $19.50
Library Book: The Boy Who Invented TV
9780385755573 $9.25
Does a Candle Keep You Warm?

A Turkish tale: Hodja brags that the cold doesn't bother him, so his friend Kemal challenges him to stay out all night without a fire. Hodja loses the bet, but uses the same logic to keep Kemal from the winnings.

9780736224963 $10.75
Avenues F (Leveled Books): Tomás and the Library Lady

Tomás is the son of migrant workers. His grandfather would tell stories at night. One day he said Tomás should go to the library to read other stories. Based on the true story of Tomás Rivera.

9780736217767 $15.50
Library Book: Sneezy the Snowman
9781477810545 $9.25
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Science): Summer Day Slushes

On a very hot day, Paolo and Teresa learn about freezing and melting liquids by making cold slushes.

9781426350177 $14.00
Library Book: Frozen Vegetables
9780836840735 $10.00
Library Book: Ice Mummy

Hikers discover a frozen mummy in the Alps. Scientists can learn a lot from studying its preserved remains.

9780679856474 $5.00
Library Book: The Schoolchildren's Blizzard
9781620659557 $9.25
Library Book: Clarence Birdseye
9781604539981 $11.50
Library Book: Ice Mummies
9780736833080 $9.75
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Fluent (Science): States of Matter

Teaches the most common states of matter.

9781426350566 $19.00
Language, Literacy & Vocabulary - Reading Expeditions (Physical Science): What Is Matter?

The world is made of matter.

9780792254423 $15.00
Library Book: Mixing and Separating
9780778736509 $9.75
Library Book: The Quiltmaker's Gift
9780545683890 $15.25
Reading Expeditions (Science: Physical Science): Matter, Matter Everywhere

Learn about states of matter, how matter is measured, and how atoms are arranged. See how changes in matter have helped us create everything from artificial hearts to bulletproof vests.

9780792288800 $14.00
Library Book: Clay
9780736849302 $8.50
Library Book: Dirt

This informative picture book describes the sediments and layers that make up dirt and explains how dirt supports all life on Earth.

9781426300899 $8.50
Library Book: Soil
9780516293684 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Science: Earth/Space): Sand

Take a close look at what sand is made of and how it moves from place to place

9780792285076 $9.25
Library Book: Gabriella's Song
9780689841750 $9.75
Library Book: The Jazz Fly
9781889910475 $9.25
Library Book: The Last Dance
9781561456871 $10.50
Library Book: Song and Dance Man
9780679819950 $9.25
Avenues E (Leveled Books): Hoop Dancers

Many things have changed for the Lakota people, but hoop dancing brings all the children together. A teacher in South Dakota, who is a member of the Lakota tribe, uses hoop dancing to teach children how they are all the same.

9780736217255 $9.25
Library Book: The Quiltmaker's Journey
9780439512190 $23.00
Library Book: The Man Who Walked Between the Towers
9780312368784 $9.75
Library Book: Django: World's Greatest Jazz Guitarist
9781596436961 $11.00
Library Book: Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina
9780142300183 $8.50
Library Book: Masks and Face Painting
9781432951924 $8.00
Library Book: Discovery in the Cave
9780375858932 $5.00
Library Book: Eagle Song
9780141301693 $6.25
Library Book: The Arrow Over the Door
9780141305714 $6.00
Library Book: Crazy Horse's Vision
9781584302827 $12.25
Library Book: Squanto's Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving
9780152060442 $8.50
Library Book: Pompeii -- Buried Alive!
9780394888668 $5.25
Library Book: New York's Bravest
9780375838415 $8.75
Reach D: Student Anthology

The Student Anthology features paired reading selections with exclusive National Geographic content. Built-in instructional support and activities are also included.

9780736274289 $77.75
Reach for Reading 3: Practice Book

The Practice Book includes student activities for skills practice in vocabulary, language, grammar, reading, and fluency.

9781133899631 $19.75
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