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Reach for Reading 4 (Small Group Library): Single-Copy Set

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The Small Group Library Single-Copy Set includes 1 copy of each of the 104 Small Group Library titles (624 books total). These leveled readers include award-winning trade titles and are engaging and motivating for all readers. Note: Small Group Library titles are drawn from multiple programs.

Teacher Supplements
Reach for Reading 4: Teacher's Edition Set (8 Volumes)

The Teacher's Edition Set is your complete resource for planning and instruction in 8 volumes. This set includes best practices, interactive whiteboard lessons, small group reading lessons, Practice Masters and answer keys, assessment and reteaching.

Reach for Reading 4: Teacher Resource Package

The Teacher Resource Package includes:
Read with Me Selection CD Set
Cross-Curricular Teamwork Activities, 4-pack
Language and Literacy Teamwork Activities, 4-pack
Sing with Me Language Songs CD Set
Benchmark Test Masters
ExamView® CD-ROM

Reach for Reading 4: Classroom Set with Small Group Library Single-Copy Set

This set includes:
• 24 copies of the Student Anthology
• 1 copy of each of the 32 Explorer Books titles (both Pioneer and Pathfinder reading levels, 64 books total)
• 1 copy of each of the 104 Small Group Library titles (104 books total)
• access to myNGconnect The Student Anthology featur... more

Reach for Reading 4: Classroom Set with Small Group Library Single-Copy Set and Practice Books

This set includes:
• 24 copies of the Student Anthology
• 24 copies of the Practice Book
• 1 copy of each of the 32 Explorer Books title (both Pioneer and Pathfinder reading levels, 64 books total)
• 1 copies of each of the 104 Small Group Library titles (104 books total)
• access to m... more

Student Supplements
Library Book: Hoot
Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Planet Patrol): Mountain Adventure

Four students travel to the Rocky Mountains to study wolves. They quickly learn that people and wolves do not always get along. They show that some problems are caused by misunderstandings between wolves and people who live near them.

Students learn about science and field research in the Planet Patrol books. ... more

Language, Literacy & Vocabulary - Reading Expeditions (Ancient Civilizations): Archaeology and the Ancient Past

Archaeology is the scientific study of human life and culture in the past. During the twentieth century, archaeology evolved from a mere hobby into a rigorous scientific discipline. Students follow along as archaeologists uncover the secrets to Ancient Egypts hidden past through artifacts... more

Library Book: King Tut
Reading Expeditions (Science: Scientists in the Field): Johan Reinhard: Discovering Ancient Civilizations

Travel to the Andes with cultural anthropologist Johan Reihard as he unearths Incan mummies and artifacts. Learn about this ancient civilization, the challenges of high altitude archaeology, and how modern technology is used to glean information.

Library Book: The Hero Schliemann: The Dreamer Who Dug For Troy
Library Book: Lost City: The Discovery of Machu Picchu
Library Book: Sequoyah: The Cherokee Man Who Gave His People Writing
9780618369478 $21.00
Library Book: Threat To Ancient Egyptian Treasures
Library Book: My Librarian Is A Camel: How Books Are Brought To Children Around the World
Library Book: Diego
Library Book: In Her Hands
Library Book: José! Born To Dance: The Story of José Limón
Library Book: Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince And His Orchestra
Library Book: How My Parents Learned to Eat

In World War II Japan, an American sailor and a Japanese woman learn the proper way to eat food in each other's cultures - with a fork and knife and with chopsticks. Once married, they practice both customs with their daughter.

Library Book: The Skirt
Library Book: The Corn Grows Ripe
Library Book: A Single Shard
Library Book: Tea With Milk

The author shares the story of his mother's childhood in San Francisco, her problems upon returning to Japan, and how she met his father.

Library Book: Anansi and The Box of Stories
Library Book: Fantastic Mr. Fox
Library Book: The Black Stallion
Library Book: Shiloh
Library Book: Black Beauty (Graphic Adaptation)
9781598892178 $8.75
Library Book: Animal Masterminds

Learn more about smart animals that can count, learn sign language, and identify colors.

Library Book: Animal Talk: How Animals Communicate
Library Book: Creepy Creatures

In this book, students read about some creatures that seem scary (and may even be dangerous), but will quickly discover that they are trying to survive just like we are.

Library Book: Tricky Behavior
Library Book: Dolphins
9780736880718 $8.75
Library Book: Koko's Kitten

Koko the gorilla uses sign language to talk to her handlers. When she asks for a pet, her handlers search high and low for the perfect companion.

Library Book: Crows
Library Book: The Chimpanzee Family Book
Library Book: Sitti's Secrets
Library Book: Miss Rumphius
Library Book: The Climb
Library Book: The Cay
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent Plus (Social Studies): The Cave Explorers

A family faces and overcomes challenges as they rock climb, rappel, and explore caves.

Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent Plus (Social Studies): The Flying Doctor

When Randall falls from a horse, he needs medical attention. In the rural Australian outback, the Royal Flying Doctor Service rescues him and flies him to the hospital.

Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: Communities Around the World): Coober Pedy, Australia

Experience a very different way of living as you visit the mining town of Coober Pedy, Australia. Step inside the underground homes and shops, come to the opal festival, and learn a bit of "strine" on the way.

Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: Civilizations Past to Present): Egypt

Find out why ancient Egyptian civilization continues to fascinate people today. Explore the ancient tombs, see the mummies, and experience life along the Nile.

Library Book: England: The Land
Reading Expeditions (World Studies: World Regions): South America: Geography and Environments

Take a look at the dramatically different environments in South America, the towering Andes, the grasslands, the Amazon rain forest, and the varied coastal areas. Examine how elevation and latitude affect the land and its vegetation and wildlife.

Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: Geography): Race to the Pole

This book tells the story of the race between Amundsen and Scott to reach the South Pole first.

Library Book: To The Top! Climbing The World's Highest Mountain
inZone Book: Matthew Henson

Mathew Henson survived poverty and racism as an African American, and he survived the dangers and challenges of the Arctic as one of the first people to reach the North Pole. This book tells the story of a man who risked his life to achieve his dreams.

Library Book: The Boy Who Conquered Everest
Reading Expeditions (Science: Earth Science): Introduction to Weather

Understanding how temperature, wind, air pressure, and precipitation interact to create our weather. Explore clues in the clouds and wind speeds. Learn why the weather changes and how forecasters predict change.


Wind can be a powerful force. Wind can even change the surface of the earth by wearing away some places and moving soil and rock to build up other places.


Tornadoes are caused by cold fronts and updrafts


Hurricanes are caused by cold fronts and high humidity

Library Book: Tsunami!
Reading Expeditions (Science: Earth Science): Wonders of Water

Understand the world's finite supply of water as it circulates through the water cycle. See how increasing the usable supply has both risks and benefits. Learn how water works for us and how we can conserve it.


Floods are caused by too much rain, hurricanes and melting snow

Library Book: Our World of Water
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Science): Rain Forest Discovery

While on a hike in a temperate rain forest, Jess hears a thud and then a rustling sound. Has an animal fallen to the ground?

Library Book: There's An Owl In The Shower
Library Book: Tuck Everlasting
Library Book: My Side of The Mountain
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Science): Turtle Beach Mystery

Josh and his twin sister Alexis know that sea turtle hatchlings have only one chance to get from their nests on the beach to the sea.

Library Book: A Moldy Mystery

When Wayne goes away to camp, his brother Jeff accidentally throws away his science project on mold. Jeff must try to recreate the experiment before Wayne returns.

Library Book: Giant Germ

When Keesha discovers mold on her sandwich, Mrs. Frizzle takes the class on a tour of the mini microbe world where the kids learn first hand that these tiny beings can have huge effects.

Library Book: Watch Out, World--Rosie Cole Is Going Green!
Library Book: Phineas L. MacGuire...Gets Slimed!
Library Book: The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie
Language, Literacy & Vocabulary - Reading Expeditions (Life Science/Human Body): Exploring Ecosystems

An ecosystem consists of all living things and nonliving things within an area. An ecosystem is always experiencing changes. Many factors can affect the stability of an ecosystem.

Library Book: Disappearing Wildlife

Why are many animals in danger? What is a habitat? How can we protect wildlife? People are doing things that are putting our planet in danger. Discover what they are doing and how other people are trying to make things better. Every person can make a difference. Find out what you can do to help protect our planet.

Library Book: Alien Invasion
Library Book: Alien Invaders
Library Book: Saving The Whooping Crane
Library Book: The Mountain Man and The President
Library Book: Chinese New Year
9781575057637 $8.75
Library Book: Quest For The Tree Kangaroo: An Expedition To The
Library Book: Come Back, Salmon
inZone Book: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

In this chapter book adaptation of Jules Verne's classic novel, Professor Aronnax and his crew become prisoners of Captain Nemo, an adventurous underwater explorer. Will the professor and his crew ever escape, or will they travel the world with the crazy captain for the rest of their lives?

Library Book: Encounter
Library Book: The Stowaway: A Tale Of California Pirates
Library Book: The Black Pearl
Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Chronicles): Searching for Sunken Treasure

Scientists hunt for a Spanish shipwreck off the Florida Keys.

The Chronicles series of science-based adventure books introduces high-interest, scientific information within the context of an engaging story. Students are drawn into action-packed, fictional tales by National Geographic writers and photog... more

Library Book: Treasure Hunting: Looking for Lost Riches

This book relates the true stories of treasure hunters, discussing their tools, secret codes that lead them to treasure, and laws regarding treasure hunting.

Library Book: Pirates
Library Book: Sir Francis Drake: Slave Trader And Pirate
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: History/Culture): Harvest Festivals

Giving thanks for the crops is important in many cultures. Learn about how people celebrate harvest festivals all over the world.

Language, Literacy & Vocabulary - Reading Expeditions (U.S. History and Life): Columbus and The Americas

The voyages of Christopher Columbus changed the world.

Language, Literacy & Vocabulary - Reading Expeditions (U.S. History and Life): When Cultures Meet

Early contact between Native Americans and Europeans changed life in the Americas forever.

Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: World Explorers): Voyages to the Indies 1400-1520s

Join Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco de Gama, and Ferdinand Magellan on their search for a new trade route to the Indies. Find out how Prince Henry of Portugal ushered in an age of exploration.

Library Book: Pirates! Raiders of the High Seas

Learn about famous pirates of the high seas. They risked their lives to find treasures around the world.

Language, Literacy & Vocabulary - Reading Expeditions (Physical Science): Forces That Move

Forces cause things to move, stop and change direction

Reading Expeditions (Science: Scientists in Their Times): Defining the Laws of Motion

Discover how the brilliant scientist Sir Isaac Newton built on the work of scientific giants, including Copernicus and Galileo. See how his discoveries about the laws of motion help us understand how things move.

Reading Expeditions (Science: Physical Science): Using Force and Motion

Enter the world of motion by taking a look at the forces that move objects on or around Earth. Explore how Newton's laws of motion, gravity, and friction affect dirt bikers, high speed trains, and even space shuttles.

Library Book: The Science of Hitting A Home Run: Forces and Motion In Action
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Math: Math in Science): Lighter on the Moon

Learn more about gravity, the force that keeps your feet on the ground. Gravity is very different on the Moon.

Reading Expeditions (Science: Earth Science): Exploring Space

Take a voyage of discovery from the ancient Greeks to Galileo to astronauts today. Find out how technology, skill, and imagination help us explore our solar system.

Theme Sets: Mexico

Read all about Mexican culture. Students learn about Mexico's food, customs, clothing, art, and celebrations, as well as the ways past and modern cultures have influenced everyday life in Mexico.

Library Book: International Space Station
Reading Expeditions (Science: Earth Science): Stars and Galaxies

Learn about the properties of stars and explore their dramatic life cycles. Discover how stars cluster into galaxies and how galaxies move apart as the universe expands. See how increasingly powerful tools allow us to explore farther into space.

Richie’s Rocket
Library Book: Stanley In Space
Library Book: Star Jumper: Journal Of A Cardboard Genius
Library Book: The Space Mission Adventure
Library Book: Moonshot
9781416950462 $22.00
Library Book: The Year Of The Panda
Content-Based Chapter Books Fiction (Science: Wildlife Rescue): Crocodile Rescue

A wandering American crocodile is caught and taken back to its home.

Wildlife Rescue is a company that helps wild animals. They take care of animals that are sick, injured, or in danger. Each rescue becomes an adventure. It takes our group of heroes all over the country to help endangered animals. Students lea... more

Library Book: M.C. Higgins, The Great
Library Book: Ashanti To Zulu
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Reach for Reading 4 (Small Group Library): Classroom Set