Chemistry: Principles and Reactions
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Authors : William L. Masterton; Cecile N. Hurley; Edward Neth


800 Pages  Hardcover 

8th Edition

©2016 , Published


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This latest edition of Chemitry: Principles and Reactions takes students directly to the crux of chemistry's fundamental concepts and allows teachers to efficiently cover all major chemistry topics. Based on the authors' extensive teaching experience, the book includes rigorous graded and concept-dr... more


Conncection to the fine arts: The text connects the science of chemistry to the humanities and fine arts through chapter openers and literary quotations that enhance each chapter's content.

Latest work from specialists: Guest authors and leaders in specialized fields profile the latest research in ... more

New to this Edition

New and innovative example format: Clear, consistent, and easy to follow, the new Example format includes analysis, strategy, and solution sections after each individual part of the Example. Each example ends with an End Point, which provides additional insight into the problem.

New "Talking Labels... more

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