SAM 2013 Challenge Printed Access Card

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1st Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2011

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SAM 2013 Challenge is the market-leading proficiency-based placement test for Microsoft Office 2013 and computer concepts. Designed as a test-in/test-out assessment solution for the introductory level computing course, SAM Challenge quickly and easily assesses students' skills and competency with th... more


SAM 2013 Challenge offers a test in/test out solution for introductory level computing courses using Microsoft Office 2013 to help you quantify students' understanding of key skills and concepts and assist in class placement.

Hands-on performance-based questions capture the key features of the actu... more

New to this Edition

Fully-updated performance and objective-based assessment measures students' understanding of the latest Microsoft Office 2013 software.

New Playback feature allows you to explain and defend a student's assessment score by viewing a video of each action the student took in completing a task.

Robust... more