Microsoft® Office 2013: Post Advanced

  • AUTHOR: Misty E. Vermaat
  • ISBN-13: 9781285166391 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 1280 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2011, 2008
  • ©2014     Published
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About The Product

Introduce your students to the latest that Microsoft Office has to offer with the new generation of Shelly Cashman Series® books! For the past three decades, the Shelly Cashman Series® has effectively introduced computer skills to millions of students. With Microsoft Office 2013, we're continuing our history of innovation by enhancing our proven pedagogy to reflect the learning styles of today's students. In MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013: POST ADVANCED you'll find features that are specifically designed to engage students, improve retention, and prepare them for future success. Our trademark step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach now encourages students to expand their understanding of Microsoft Office 2013 software through experimentation, critical thought, and personalization. With these enhancements and more, the Shelly Cashman Series® continues to deliver the most effective educational materials for you and your students.


  • Step-by-step, screen by screen approach presents students with explanatory and navigational information when they need to know it, and addresses all learning styles to help students retain and apply skills in their personal and professional lives.
  • Proven pedagogy with an emphasis on project planning frames each chapter around a practical problem to be solved, and encourages critical thinking about how to proceed at various points in the chapter.
  • Extensive end-of-chapter activities provide a variety of reinforcement opportunities for students to apply and expand their skills.

About the Contributor

  • Misty E. Vermaat

    Misty E. Vermaat has more than 25 years of experience in the field of computer and information technology. In addition to consulting in the field, she was an Associate Professor at Purdue University Calumet, teaching or developing Microsoft® Office, computer concepts, database management, systems analysis and design, and programming courses. Since 1990, Ms. Vermaat has led the development of the Shelly Cashman Series and has written or co-authored numerous Series textbooks, including many editions of DISCOVERING COMPUTERS, DISCOVERING COMPUTERS FUNDAMENTALS, and Microsoft® Word books.

Table of Contents

Microsoft® Word 2013.
8. Using Document Collaboration and Integration Tools.
9. Creating a Reference Document with a Table of Contents and an Index.
10. Creating a Template for an Online Form.
11. Enhancing an Online Form, Using Macros, and Adding Digital Signatures.
Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2013.
8. Customizing a Presentation with Customized Slide, Handout, and Notes Masters.
9. Modifying a Presentation with Customized Text Boxes, SmartArt, and Shapes.
10. Developing a Presentation with Content from Outside Sources.
11. Organizing Slides and Creating a Photo Album.
Microsoft® Excel® 2013.
8. Working with Trendlines , Pivot Table Reports, PivotChart Reports, and Slicers.
9. Formula Auditing, Data Validation, and Complex Problem Solving.
10. Using Macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) with Excel.
11. Collaboration Features for Workbooks.
Microsoft® Access© 2013.
8. Macros, Navigation Forms, and Data Macros.
9. Administering a Database System.
10. Using SQL.
11. Database Design.
Microsoft® Outlook® 2013.
4. Creating and Managing Tasks.
5. Customizing Outlook.
Capstone Projects.
Quick Reference.
Important Notes for Windows 7 Users.

New to this Edition

  • Now, when students complete projects they are told WHY each step in the process is necessary, in addition to being told what they will be doing and how to accomplish each task.
  • New mini-roadmaps are provided throughout each chapter, visually showing students where they are in the process of completing the chapter project.
  • Critical thinking has been expanded throughout the text. Consider This boxes throughout each chapter provide thought-provoking questions and problem-solving activities. Chapter-ending Consider This: Plan Ahead boxes and Consider This: Your Turn assignments engage students in critical thinking and problem-solving skills to create their own solutions. Plus, every student assignment ends with a question that requires students' thoughts and opinions.
  • New emphasis on personalization asks students to include a personal detail in their solutions to every chapter project and assignment, ensuring that each student solution will be unique.
  • New lab on integrating Cloud and Web technologies with Microsoft Word challenges students to use general guidelines to learn and investigate independently.


Teacher Components

  • Review Pack  (ISBN-10: 1285166663 | ISBN-13: 9781285166667)
    CD containing all Microsoft Office 2013 student data files.
    Price = 14.00
  • LMS Integrated for SAM 2013 Assessment, Training, and Projects with MindTap Reader, 1 term for Microsoft® Office 2013: Post Advanced  (ISBN-10: 1305443365 | ISBN-13: 9781305443365)
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Student Supplements

  • Review Pack  (ISBN-10: 1285166663 | ISBN-13: 9781285166667)
    CD containing all Microsoft Office 2013 student data files.
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  • LMS Integrated for SAM 2013 Assessment, Training, and Projects with MindTap Reader, 1 term for Microsoft® Office 2013: Post Advanced  (ISBN-10: 1305443365 | ISBN-13: 9781305443365)
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