Reach for Reading

  • AUTHORS: Nancy Frey; Lada Kratky; Nonie K Lesaux; Sylvia Linan Thompson; Deborah J Short; Jennifer D Turner
  • ©2016  | Published
  • Recommended For: Bilingual Education | Dual Language | English Language Learners | Gifted & Talented | Intervention | Pre-AP | RTI | School Improvement | Special Education | Striving Readers | Summer School
  • Grade(s): K , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6
  • Subject(s): Reading & Writing


About the Program

The Top Reasons to choose Reach for Reading:
• Authentic Literature and National Geographic Exclusives
• Foundational Skills with Content-Based Decodable Texts
• Integrated ELD
• Rigor-Analyzing Texts and Higher Order Questions
• Rigor-Close Reading of Authentic Text
• Writing to Sources and Opinion, Expository and Narrative Writing
• Vocabulary Development through Content
• Meaningful Collaborative Conversations

Teach, model, and apply close reading in whole group with print and digital resources. Whole group, small group, and independent practice ensure teachers meet the demands of the Common Core.

Comprehensive, targeted teaching materials ensure that children develop the necessary decoding and encoding skills to become fluent readers and writers.

Students have multiple opportunities in Reach for Reading fluency and word study lessons to apply word knowledge to reading and writing activities. Reach into Phonics Foundations provides resources for students that allow them to gain the foundational building blocks they need to be fluent readers.

About the Author

  • Nancy Frey

    Nancy Frey, Ph.D., a Professor at San Diego State University received the 2008 Early Career Achievement Award from the National Reading Conference. Dr. Frey has published in The Reading Teacher, English Journal, Remedial and Special Education, and Educational Leadership. She has co-authored more than fifty books on English Learners (Language Learners in the English Classroom), assessment (Checking for Understanding), writing (Scaffolded Writing Instruction), literacy (Reading for Information in Elementary School) and vocabulary (Learning Words Inside and Out). Dr. Frey teaches a variety of courses on reading instruction and literacy in content areas, classroom management, and supporting students with diverse learning needs. She also was a third grade classroom teacher.

    Dr. Frey's monographs include: Reaching for the Common Core, Using Technology to Foster Learning for a New Century, Link to 21st Century Skills and Resources, and Connect Oral and Written Expression.

  • Lada Kratky

    During her 18 years of teaching in K–2 classrooms, as well as teaching Descubriendo la lectura and Reading Recovery, Lada Kratky has fostered a love of reading in hundreds of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking children. She is the author of numerous children's books and classroom resources and has authored both English and Spanish early literacy programs. She has been a featured speaker at national, regional, and local educational conferences, as well as institutes and training workshops across the country, presenting strategies and techniques for effective early literacy instruction.

    Ms. Kratky's monographs include: Reach into Beginning Reading and Make Every Minute Count!.

  • Nonie K Lesaux

    Associate Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education Her research and teaching focuses on reading development and preventing reading difficulties of children from linguistically diverse backgrounds. From 2002-2006, Dr. Lesaux was Senior Research Associate of the National Literacy Panel on Language Minority Youth and in 2007 was named one of five WT Grant scholars in support of her research on English-language learners in urban public schools. In 2009, Dr. Lesaux received a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor given by the United States government to young professionals beginning their independent research careers.

    Dr. Lesaux's monographs include: Turn up the Volume on Academic Talk! and Focus Deeply on Words that Matter!.

  • Sylvia Linan Thompson

    Associate Professor and Fellow, University of Texas, Austin As the associate director of the National Research and Development Center on English Language. Dr. Linan-Thompson has developed and examined reading interventions for struggling readers who are monolingual English speakers, English language learners and bilingual students acquiring Spanish literacy. She was a Kindergarten teacher in a bilingual classroom and has worked in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe on projects related to literacy instruction and professional development and has authored articles, chapters and books on these topics.

    Dr. Linan-Thompson's monographs include: Fluency is More than Reading Quickly! and Extend Your Students’ Reach and Move Them Toward Independence, Base Your ESL Instruction in the Content Areas, Reach for the Common Core, Structural Supports for English Learners, Comprehensive and Responsive Assessment, and Developing Academic Literacy in Adolescents.

  • Jennifer D Turner

    Associate Professor, University of Maryland Turner teaches reading education, and multicultural literature and instruction for reading specialists. She has published on exemplary literacy teachers and teaching for African American elementary students. Recently, Dr. Turner received the Elva Knight Research Grant from the International Reading Association for her work with new reading teachers in urban elementary schools. Turner has been elected to the Board of Directors for the National Reading Conference and serves as a co-editor of the literacy leaders department. Her newest book is Looking Back to Move Forward in Educating African American Students.

    Dr. Turner's monographs include: Know What They Know and Get to Know Your Learners.

Products Included


Reach for Reading offers frequent and varied assessments to inform instruction:

  • Weekly tests
  • Oral reading assessments
  • Reading strategy assessments
  • Rubrics and answer keys
  • Test-taking strategies
  • ExamView ® CD-ROM

ExamView ® CD-ROM includes:

  • Question banks of all tests with editing capabilities
  • Test Wizard to create your own tests
  • Print tests and answer sheets


Students and Teachers start their online experience at

The Student Home Page offers access to a variety of resources, including:

  • Student eEditions
  • Note taking and search tools
  • Audio support and vocabulary notebooks
  • Vocabulary games
  • Background videos
  • Digital libraries

The Teacher Home Page provides support for each unit, including:

  • Teacher eEditions with links
  • Classroom presentation tools that allow projection and printing of materials
  • Customizable online lesson planner
  • Interactive whiteboard activities for whole group close reading
  • eAssessment to help guide instruction with multiple reporting options
  • Online Professional Development courses

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