The World of Customer Service

  • AUTHOR: Pattie Gibson
  • ISBN-13: 9780840064240 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 224 Pages  Paperback 
  • 3rd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2008, 2004
  • ©2012     Published
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About The Product

Introduce your students to the exemplary customer service skills that are essential in all types of organizations today with the powerful, practical and engaging presentation in Gibson's THE WORLD OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, 3rd Edition. This text demonstrates how effective customer service techniques can help your students and their organizations achieve critical goals, deal with problems and complaints, consistently exceed customer expectations, and create loyal customers. Author Pattie Gibson focuses on the strategies most important in customer service today with insights and memorable examples from practicing professionals. Several new chapters in this edition highlight how to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction, effectively solve problems and resolve complaints, and better understand the impact and potential in today's social media. Students also gain new insights into establishing their own effective customer service habits. This edition emphasizes the importance of effective global communication and collaboration techniques with a wide range of real customer-focused activities and actual business cases. The new, optional CourseMate website for this edition reinforces concepts with interactive learning tools, including a complete eBook, videos and the unique Engagement Tracker for monitoring student outcomes. Help your students develop the customer service skills essential for professionals in all areas of business today with THE WORLD OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, 3rd Edition.


  • "BUSINESS IN ACTION" FEATURE KICKS OFF EACH CHAPTER WITH A DYNAMIC LOOK AT CONCEPTS IN PRACTICE WITHIN A REAL ORGANIZATION. Each chapter draws your students into the content by beginning with an engaging look at customer service principles at work within one of today's actual companies. Your students closely examine how the organization handles customer service issues related to the chapter's content.
  • "FOCUS ON BEST PRACTICES" FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS TODAY'S MOST SUCCESSFUL SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES. Useful "Focus on Best Practices" features throughout this edition emphasize some of today's best practices, career choices, and leadership and management techniques that are used in real customer service situations.
  • "REMEMBER THIS" GUIDES STUDENTS IN REVIEWING AND PRACTICING KEY POINTS FROM EACH CHAPTER. This practical feature highlights key information within each chapter and serves as a useful reference tool for solving on-the-job problems.
  • "CUSTOMER SERVICE TIPS" PROVIDE INSIGHTS FROM SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONALS IN TODAY'S CUSTOMER SERVICE WORKPLACE. This text helps provide practical suggestions for your students' success in the workplace with tips, insights and advice from numerous customer service providers.
  • "ETHICS/CHOICES" FEATURE PROMPTS IN-DEPTH DECISION MAKING AND MEANINGFUL DISCUSSION. As ethics increase in importance in all aspects of business, this edition prepares your students to respond to some of today's toughest ethical dilemmas in customer service. "Ethics/Choices" encourages critical thinking and provides opportunities for engaging group discussion.
  • WEALTH OF PROVEN END-OF-CHAPTER PRACTICE AND ACTIVITIES HELP STUDENTS APPLY THE SKILLS THEY'VE LEARNED. This edition provides a wide variety of useful Cases as well as Internet Research, Communication Skills, and Decision-making Activities. You'll find a wealth of opportunities for your students to apply the concepts from the text, hone their critical thinking skills and practice the skills they've learned in customer service.

About the Contributor

  • Pattie Gibson

    For more than 30 years, Dr. Pattie Gibson has taught a variety of highly successful courses in computer applications and business systems to high school, community college, and university students in Arizona and overseas in West Berlin and Stuttgart, Germany. Dr. Gibson is currently an assistant professor in educational leadership at Northern Arizona University. She has written and co-authored several textbooks addressing office management and office skills as well as customer service. Dr. Gibson received her undergraduate and master's degrees from Arizona State University and her doctorate from Northern Arizona University.

Table of Contents

1. What is Customer Service?
2. The Global Customer.
3. Exceptional Customer Service.
4. Customer Service Strategy.
5. Critical Workplace Skills.
6. Problem Solving.
7. Extreme Customers and Customer Retention.
8. Managing Customer Service.
9. Communication Essentials.
10. Customer-Focused Listening.
11. Nonverbal Communication, Dress, and Manner.
12. Phone and Digital Communication.

New to this Edition

  • NEW CHAPTER ON CUSTOMER SERVICE STRATEGY DEMONSTRATES HOW TO MAXIMIZE REVENUE AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. This edition's fresh, new chapter on customer service strategy (Ch. 4) focuses on gathering customer intelligence and analyzing marketing and sales information in order to boost revenue and significantly increase customer satisfaction.
  • NEW CHAPTER ON CRITICAL WORKPLACE SKILLS EMPHASIZES THE ABILITIES MOST IMPORTANT IN TODAY'S BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. This edition offers your students a fresh look at how to most effectively manage their time and handle stress in the contemporary workplace. This new chapter (Ch. 5) also addresses anger management and teamwork and helps students improve their organizational skills.
  • NEW CHAPTER ON PROBLEM SOLVING HELPS STUDENTS REFINE CRITICAL SKILLS AND STRATEGIES. A new chapter on problem solving (Ch. 6) in this edition explores the most important skills and strategies your students need for recognizing, negotiating, and effectively resolving customer complaints.
  • NEW "MAKE IT A HABIT" FEATURE DEMONSTRATES SOME OF TODAY'S MOST IMPORTANT CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS. This new, engaging "Make It A Habit" feature helps your students polish some of their most important professional behaviors and project winning attitudes to effectively exemplify excellent customer service skills.
  • NEW FOCUS ON SERVING GLOBAL CUSTOMERS PREPARES STUDENTS TO WORK IN TODAY'S BUSINESS WORLD. As today's business world more regularly extends across the globe, this edition has responded with a stronger emphasis throughout key chapters of the text on meeting the specific needs of and effectively servicing global customers.
  • NEW CURRENT COVERAGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINES ITS IMPACT ON CUSTOMERS TODAY. You and your students will find coverage of the latest information on the use of social media and its influence on customer decision making and customer satisfaction. Students will also learn how to most effectively use social media as a tool for reaching today's customers.
  • NEW COURSEMATE ONLINE LEARNING AND STUDY TOOLS BRING CUSTOMER SERVICE CONCEPTS TO LIFE. This interactive learning, study, and exam preparation website adds another dimension to the dynamic content in this edition. You and your students find a complete interactive e-Book, captivating videos, interactive flashcards and quizzing and numerous other online teaching and learning tools to guide and encourage study. The unique Engagement Tracker allows you to monitor student interaction, comprehension, and study outcomes.