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Social Studies Big Book Set

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Complete set of all level Social Studies books (20 books)

Teacher Supplements
Nuestro gobierno

Describes roles and levels of government, and rights and responsibilities of citizens.

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Presents landforms, climate, and how people depend on and change Earth.

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Civilizaciones antiguas

Looks at the architecture, culture, and technology of ancient civilizations.

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Shows that people use different types of transportation to move from place to place.

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Lugares de la Tierra

Looks at a variety of environments on Earth—deserts, plains, mountains, forests, and wetlands—and shows that people, plants, and animals adapt to life in these different places.

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Shows how different foods go from the farm to the table.

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En forma

Considers ways to keep fit, including forms of exercise, healthy food, and rest.

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Geografía de Estados Unidos

There are many famous places in the United States, some of these places are natural landmarks and some are made by people. We use maps to identify the locations of landmarks

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Suministro de bienes

Shows that the distribution of goods involves both a sequence of steps and different forms of transportation.

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Considers the teamwork planning, equipment, and discoveries that are part of successful expeditions.

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Lugares de mi comunidad

Communities provide things that people want and need, they have special places such as stores, parks and schools

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Looks at how inventions changed lives and are improved over time.

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Familias Big Book

Teaches that families are alike and different in many ways, and shows family members assuming different roles and responsibilities.

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Shows people doing many different kinds of jobs, and teaches that people rely on one another for goods and services.

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Tiempo y actividades

Presents ways of measuring time, including by minute, hour, day, month, and year.

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Considers aspects of communities, including jobs, wants and needs, and places in the community.

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Donde vive la gente

People live in many types of places across the Earth's surface, location affects the kinds of houses in which people live, people adapt in many ways to the environment in which they live

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Entonces y ahora

Comparing the past with the present shows how things have changed over time, technologies can be improved and changed

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People can use maps and their symbols to identify and locate continents, oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, countries, cities, roads and buildings

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Producción de bienes

Shows how people take raw materials found in nature and turn them into finished products that can be sold in stores.

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