Oggi In Italia: A First Course in Italian (High School Edition)

  • AUTHORS: Franca Celli Merlonghi; Ferdinando Merlonghi; Joseph A. Tursi; Brian Rea O'Connor
  • ISBN-13: 9780495900634 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 528 Pages  Hardcover 
  • 9th Edition
  • ©2012     Published
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About The Product

OGGI IN ITALIA is an introductory Italian program featuring a balanced four-skills approach to language learning. OGGI includes various perspectives of Italian culture, ranging from its rich, historical legacy to current changes affecting the country and culture. This allows students to practice the basics of the language and develop oral communication skills in a variety of contexts, while learning about contemporary Italian life and culture.


  • Contextualized presentation of new grammar structures and vocabulary features dialogues, monologues, TV news, and interviews followed by Domande (comprehension questions), Domande personali (personalized questions), Situazioni (guided interview questions for pair work), and Pratica (role-plays and paired conversations).
  • Thematic vocabulary presentations in Ampliamento del vocabolario reinforce acquisition through illustrations and communicative activities for pairs or groups.
  • In every lesson, a newly updated pronunciation section appears and includes a review of difficult sounds as well as intonation practice. Pronunciation activities recorded on the Text Audio Program enables students to practice independently.
  • Clear grammar explanations are introduced through engaging cartoons and support retention of the concept. There are accompanying structured and pair and group activities that further reinforce grammar learning.
  • Parliamo un po’, Conoscere l’Italia, and Videoteca sections integrate and recycle the lesson, grammar and vocabulary in a variety of creative and interactive activities, including pair and group work, realia- and illustration-based exercises, authentic readings representing diverse writing styles, and video-based activities.

About the Contributor

  • Franca Celli Merlonghi

  • Ferdinando Merlonghi

  • Joseph A. Tursi

    Joseph Tursi is professor emeritus of Italian at Stony Brook University. He also has been chairman of the department of French and Italian, director of Teacher Training in Foreign Language Education and director of the Doctor of Arts in Foreign Languages Program. He is past president of several professional language organizations on the local, state, and national levels, including president of the National American Association of Teachers of Italian.

  • Brian Rea O'Connor

    Brian Rea O'Connor received a master's degree in two Romance languages and a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from Boston College. He coordinates all language-level Italian courses and teaches a variety of courses in Italian language and culture at Boston College. During the summers, he takes a group of students to Parma, Italy for intensive language courses.

New to this Edition

  • NEW: A new, two-page Videoteca section features pre-, during, and post-viewing activities to provide students with a guide to working with the OGGI IN ITALIA video, which was designed to reinforce the themes, vocabulary and grammar of each lesson. The Videoteca pages can be easily assigned for work outside the class, or selected to enhance an in-class viewing experience.
  • NEW: Changes have been made to the Struttura ed uso section in the later chapters to provide a more fluid presentation of comparative forms and a more logical introduction to and development of the complexities of the subjunctive mood. The logical and user-friendly grammar sequence has been preserved in the first part of the text.
  • NEW: The thematically organized core material, which appears in the form of dialogues and monologues at the beginning of each chapter, has been recorded giving students more exposure to spoken Italian.
  • NEW: The Finestra culturale sections have been reviewed and updated to ensure that modern Italian culture is depicted accurately.
  • NEW: The Pronuncia sections have been revised to include new word lists and proverbs that demonstrate the more challenging pronunciation rules in Italian.
  • NEW: The Vocabolario has been revised for appropriateness and significance. The vocabulary terms have also been recorded to reinforce mastery of Italian pronunciation rules.
  • NEW: The Ampliamento del Vocabolario has been revised to include more appropriate words and remove the words students will be less likely to need or encounter in their daily interactions. Some related activities have been fine-tuned to make them more lively and appealing.
  • NEW: The In-Text Audio Program has been expanded to include recordings of the chapter opening dialogues and monologues, as well as the Conoscere l’Italia cultural sections to provide additional listening practice in a variety of contexts. Also, vocabulary terms have been recorded to reinforce mastery of pronunciation rules in Italian.
  • NEW: The global communicative activities in the Parliamo un po’ as well as the Conoscere l’Italia reading sections have been updated for a fresher, more attractive approach for students.
  • NEW: The Ninth Edition of OGGI IN ITALIA is accompanied by new and compelling technology offerings. These offerings include the iLrn™: Heinle Learning Center, an all-in-one diagnostic, tutorial, assessment, assignment, and course management system, as well as a Premium Website, a one-stop portal to an online suite of digital resources.


Teacher Components

  • Oggi in italia: A 1st Course in italian, 9th: Online eBook Printed Access Card  (ISBN-10: 1111942986 | ISBN-13: 9781111942984)
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  • Quia Online Printed Access Card  (ISBN-10: 1133488862 | ISBN-13: 9781133488866)
    Price = 57.25

Student Supplements

  • Oggi in italia: A 1st Course in italian, 9th: Online eBook Printed Access Card  (ISBN-10: 1111942986 | ISBN-13: 9781111942984)
    Price = 93.75
  • Quia Online Printed Access Card  (ISBN-10: 1133488862 | ISBN-13: 9781133488866)
    Price = 57.25