MindTap® K12, 2 terms (12 months) Instant Access for Burrow/Kleindl's Business Management, 14E
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Authors : James L. Burrow; Brad Kleindl


Mixed Media 

14th Edition

©2017 , Published


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MindTap® K12 for Burrow/Kleindl/Becraft's Business Management, 14th Edition, is the digital learning solution that helps instructors engage and transform today's students into critical thinkers. Through paths of dynamic assignments and applications that you can personalize, real-time course analytic... more


MindTap helps streamline your workflow with carefully curated content and a unique set of tools saving you valuable time in your course preparations. In addition, automatically grades assignments and quizzes while also providing students with instant feedback on their work.

Provide students with or... more

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MindTap® for Burrow/Kleind/Becraftl's Business Management, 14th provides you with the tools you need to better manage your limited time – you can complete assignments whenever and wherever you are ready to learn with course material specially customized for you by your instructor and streamlined in one proven, easy-to-use interface. With an arra... more

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