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Avenues B: Theme Library

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One copy each of 12 titles

Student Supplements
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Fluent Plus (Science): Life Cycles of Animals

Animals grow and change throughout their lives. Different kinds of animals grow and change in different ways. This text introduces the life cycles of various groups of animals and includes butterfly and frog metamorphosis.

Library Book: Me On The Map

Maps can show where you are anywhere in the world! This book will show how easy it is to find the places they know and love with help from a map.

Windows on Literacy Emergent (Social Studies: History/Culture): Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Introduces the concept of the calendar and shows seasonal activities.

Growing Colors

Into English ESL Library Level B/Grade 1 title

Library Book: Catch That Goat!

Ayoka has been left in charge of the family goat, but within minutes it has vanished As Ayoka searches the streets of town, she sees how much trouble a runaway goat can cause among the market stalls. One thing after another disappears, and when Ayoka finally catches up with the goat, she finds more than she had bargained for.

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Library Book: Let's Eat!

Let's Eat!

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Cassie’s Word Quilt
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Library Book: Are You A Ladybug?

The book follows a ladybug through its life cycle from an egg to getting its wings.