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About The Product

DELMAR ONLINE TRAINING SIMULATION: HVAC, is a 3-D, immersive simulation that offers a rich learning experience that mimics field performance. It challenges learners to master diagnostic and troubleshooting skills across six pieces of HVAC equipment found in industry- Gas Furnace, Oil Furnace, Gas Boiler, Small Commercial Air Conditioner, Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pump. Soft skills are also included within the Simulation. To create successful learning outcomes, the Delmar Online Training Simulation: HVAC offers more than 150 scenarios which allow students to troubleshoot and build diagnostic and critical thinking skills. Two modes within the Simulation promote incremental learning: Training Mode has fixed scenarios to aid in initial familiarization with the equipment, the problem needing attention and the capabilities of the Simulation Challenge Mode is randomized with 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Both modes require learners to diagnose a fault or faults and perform the repair successfully while materials and labor costs are tracked. Online access is for two years upon activation. The instructional design allows for full open engagement, so students do not have artificial guard-rails leading them to a conclusion.


  • Each scenario starts with a customer-stated service call. The scenario addresses a simulated fault or multiple faults on an appliance and requires students to use the correct tool and a structured diagnostic process to deliver a repair scope of work and bill.
  • Includes interactive color wiring diagrams linked to diagnostic testing of equipment .
  • Access detailed troubleshooting guides to understand fundamental equipment operation and accelerate the learning process.
  • An easy-to-use and intuitive Gradebook/Admininstration Tool gives instructors quick access and visibility into student performance and understanding .
  • User Feedback Reports provide immediate analysis to help identify and correct problems to aid student understanding .
  • Students/user can practice at their own pace and convenience, in a safe environment .
  • A bonus Soft Skills Module challenges students with questions on the proper engagement behavior with customers.
  • Today''s busy students can practice their growing skills on these simulations from any personal computer—at home, a public library, or in the classroom.
  • Announcing the launch of Delmar Online Training Simulation: HVAC Version 2. This version is an automatic upgrade for any current HVAC Sim users. Version 2 enhancements include: Teleporting - Easier navigation between any indoor and outdoor units and thermostat; Badge and Leaderboard – Track your progress by acquiring badges and earnings. A national leaderboard is included for those who wish to opt in to compare their performance to others; IPAD compatibility – Now your favorite simulation is available on the iPAD2 and newer versions; Dynamic Troubleshooting Guide - More intuitive solution map with option to display step-by-step trouble-shooting path for each scenario.

About the Contributor

  • Interplay Learning

    Interplay Learning develops award-winning, 3D interactive simulation training and testing applications for the professional trades. Delivered over the web, Interplay’s products are immersive and lifelike, promoting knowledge retention, improved performance, and decreased time to competency.

Table of Contents

Gas Furnace Faults
1. Loose white wire on inducer motor.
2. Loose black wire on inducer motor.
3. Faulty inducer motor.
4. IFC inducer motor circuit fault.
5. IFC ignitor circuit fault.
6. IFC terminal W loose.
7. IFC Terminal R loose.
8. Dirty air filter.
9. IFC line H loose.
10. IFC line N loose.
11. Faulty ignitor.
12. Faulty pressure switch.
13. Faulty thermostat.
14. Faulty transformer.
15. Tripped circuit breaker.
16. Faulty flame sensor.
17. Low gas supply pressure.
18. Faulty gas valve.
19. Faulty blower motor.
20. Faulty blower motor capacitor.
21. Obstructed return airflow duct.
22. Thermostat terminal W loose.


Teacher Components

  • Residential Construction Academy HVAC  (ISBN-10: 143905634X | ISBN-13: 9781439056349)
    RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY: HVAC 2nd edition delivers training materials with a hands-on practical approach. Based on NAHB/HBI Skill Standards developed by an advisory board of leading builders and educators, this full color, comprehensive text is intended for aspiring technicians and covers the installation, startup and service of residential air conditioning and heating systems. This new edition continues to present material as a theory then explains with how-to instructions while at the same time adhering to the NAHB/Home Builders Institute's Skills Standards for HVAC. Instructions contain step by step procedures with illustrations side by side with the description, giving clarity to the instructions. The first section explores matter, energy, heat and the basics of refrigeration with a view towards building a working knowledge of the behavior of heat and how it is transferred. Next, the start up and service section illustrates the steps that must be followed to make certain that airflow through the system is correct and the amount of refrigerant in the system is within the acceptable range. Finally the installation and service of oil, gas, electric and geothermal heating systems is covered as well as boilers, hydronic heating and radiant heating.
    Price = 112.00

Student Supplements

  • Residential Construction Academy HVAC  (ISBN-10: 143905634X | ISBN-13: 9781439056349)
    RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY HVAC 2nd is a full color, comprehensive text for aspiring technicians, covering installation, startup and service of residential air conditioning and heating systems. The presentation of the material is detailed with step by step procedures that clearly illustrate key skills needed to properly install a system. Full color illustrations of procedures have side by side descriptions to clarify the instructions. Topics covered include the installation and service of oil, gas, electric and geothermal heating systems as well as boilers, hydronic heating and radiant heating.
    Price = 112.00

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