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Nonfiction Early (Social Studies): Communities, Theme Pack Plus Fiction

$303.75 9780792278009


6 copies each of the Concept Book, 2 Nonfiction Books and 2 Fiction Books (30 books total), Theme Builder, Audiolessons on CD, and online Teacher’s Guide

Teacher Supplements


9780792261193 $9.25
Student Supplements
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Geography): My Town Used To Be Small

A town grows when a new factory is built. The workers need new houses, stores, and parks.

9780792243526 $7.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Social Studes): Santo and I, 6-pack

A grandfather reminisces about life in his town in the past and present.

9781426367854 $55.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Social Studes): Guess Who We Saw, 6-pack

A crossing guard and community workers are the focus of this story with a funny ending.

9781426367861 $55.50
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Early (Social Studies): Communities, 6-pack

6 copies of Communities Concept Book. Considers aspects of communities, including jobs, wants and needs, and places in the community.

9781426368448 $73.50
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Economics/Government): A Good Place To Live

The town is a good place to live because of the helpful people who live there. This book examines their many useful jobs.

9780792287513 $8.50