Forensic Science Virtual Lab Printed Access Card: The Death of Rose Cedar

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About The Product

FORENSIC SCIENCE VIRTUAL LAB CRIME SCENE 1 will ignite student excitement with a new way to experience science. The virtual labs provide students with realistic field experience within an online environment, ideal for reinforcement or assessment opportunities. The lab activities span the crime-scene investigation workflow from start to finish, allowing students to gain insight into what is like to be a real forensic scientist. Virtual Labs give your students the opportunity to utilize resources and techniques that are unavailable in the school environment. VIRTUAL LAB CRIME SCENE 1 includes ten forensic science lab activities within one crime scene. Each lab activity includes background information, 3D crime scene, clear instructions, toolkit, student observation notebook, and post-lab assessment. Assignments are automatically graded and entered into the instructor’s online grade book. Additional information about each activity includes time spent on task, amount completed, and access to the student observation notebook. Set the scene for online learning success with the new VIRTUAL LABS, and lead your students to the right conclusion.


  • Crime Scene and Lab activities can be completed together or independently.
  • Due to the cumulative and realistic nature of the crime scenes and labs, they can be used as either pre- or post-lecture assessment tools.
  • 3D crime scene allows users to zoom through virtual space.
  • Labs include activities and assessment for crime scene investigation/evidence collection and observation skills.
  • Students will identify victim and determine the suspects.
  • Virtual forensic toolkit allows students to investigate and collect evidence.
  • An online notebook allows students to make lab observations that can be submitted to the instructor.
  • Step-by-step instructions guide students through the lab activities and prompt the user to take action.
  • The lab environment and tools will change based on the labs being performed.
  • Lab worksheets are completed during the lab and can be submitted for assessment.
  • Post-lab assessments provide confirmation of learning.
  • Assignments are automatically graded and entered into the instructor’s online grade book, providing the instructor with a complete assessment of the students’ work and comprehension levels.
  • Instructors have the flexibility to choose whether the assignment counts as participation or a graded assignment.

About the Contributor

  • Cengage Learning

Table of Contents

1. Crime Scene Investigation/Evidence Collection.
2. Crime Scene Observation Skills.
3. Blood Spatter Analysis.
4. Pollen/Spore Lab.
5. Hair Analysis.
6. Fiber Analysis.
7. Glass Analysis.
8. Document Analysis.
9. Fingerprint Analysis.
10. Ballistics Lab.

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