Gateway to Science: Student Book, Hardcover

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Authors : Tim Collins; Mary Jane Maples


304 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©2008 , Published


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Gateway to Science is a unique program designed to introduce students to content-area knowledge and skills needed to meet the requirements of science programs and state assessments. Using picture dictionary and textbook formats, students acquire key vocabulary, concepts, and learning strategies that... more


Science Basics

Life Science

Earth Science

Physical Science

Teacher Supplements
Gateway to Science: Assessment Book

The Gateway to Science Assessment Book provides teachers with materials with which to assess students' knowledge and progress in their science education.

Gateway to Science: Teacher Resource CD-ROM with ExamView® and Classroom Presentation Tool

The Teacher Resource CD-ROM with ExamView Pro features customizable test-generating software aligned to state standards. Also included is an interactive presentation tool with animated graphic organizers to help students comprehend new vocabulary and key concepts introduced in the student text.

Gateway to Science: Teacher’s Edition

The Gateway to Science Teacher Edition provides instructors with teaching suggestions and highly accessible descriptions of science content introduced in every lesson.

Student Supplements
Gateway to Science: Audio CDs

The Gateway to Science Audio CD features ALL readings to boost auditory learning and reading fluency of science content. 4 CD set.

Gateway to Science: Workbook with Labs

The Gateway to Science Workbook with Labs provides expansion activities for each lesson in the student text. Reading comprehension, writing, and listening/speaking skills are reinforced with additional communicative activities and critical thinking exercises. Labs and experiments support key concepts.