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Avenues F: Leveled Books and eTools
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6 copies each of 16 titles, Picture It! Big Book with pen and Teacher’s Guide, and free Avenues Leveled Book Finder and downloadable lessons

Student Supplements
Avenues (Leveled Books): John Henry, 6-pack

6 copies of John Henry

9780736221733 $93.00
Avenues (Leveled Books): Power Out, 6-pack

6 copies of Power Out!

9780736210560 $42.00
Avenues F (Leveled Books): A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison, 6-pack

6 copies of A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison

9780736221740 $93.00
Avenues F (Leveled Books): Tomás and the Library Lady, 6-pack

6 copies of Tomás and the Library Lady. Tomás is the son of migrant workers. His grandfather would tell stories at night. One day he said Tomás should go to the library to read other stories. Based on the true story of Tomás Rivera.

9780736221757 $93.00
Avenues (Leveled Books): A Nation of Immigrants, 6-pack

6 copies of A Nation of Immigrants

9780736221450 $51.00
Avenues (Leveled Books): All Across America, 6-pack

6 copies of All Across America

9780736210607 $52.50
Avenues (Leveled Books): An Old Recipe, 6-pack

6 copies of An Old Family Recipe

9780736221658 $51.00
Avenues F (Leveled Books): Ayu and The Perfect Moon, 6-pack

6 copies of Ayu and the Perfect Moon. Old Ayu tells the story of learning to dance and then getting to perform for the whole village.

9780736221665 $87.00
Avenues F (Leveled Books): The Birth of An Island, 6-pack

6 copies of The Birth of an Island. This book explains how volcanic islands are formed and how they sustain life.

9780736221672 $51.00
Avenues F (Leveled Books): Antarctica, Ice-Covered Continent, 6-pack

6 copies of Antarctica, Ice-Covered Continent. The coldest continent on Earth is Antarctica, a land of ice and wind. Learn all about it from location to temperature to exploration to animal population.

9780736221689 $55.50
Avenues (Leveled Books): Hoops With Swoopes, 6-pack

6 copies of Hoops with Swoopes

9780736221696 $75.00
Avenues (Leveled Books): Body Works, 6-pack

6 copies of Body Works

9780736210539 $58.50
Avenues (Leveled Books): The Midnight Ride, 6-pack

6 copies of The Midnight Ride

9780736221702 $51.00
Avenues F (Leveled Books): Redcoats and Petticoats, 6-pack

6 copies of Redcoats and Petticoats. Thomas' father is taken away by soldiers during the Revolutionary War, but his mother has a plan to save him.

9780736221719 $93.00
Avenues (Leveled Books): Giant Games, 6-pack

6 copies of Giant Games

9780736221726 $55.50