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Inside A: Student Book + Theme Books Set A

$129.25 9780736260657


Inside Level A Student Edition with Theme Books Set A

Teacher Supplements
Inside A: Teacher's Edition + Language & Selection CDs

Your complete resource for planning and instruction. Includes Language CDs and Selection & Fluency CD

Student Supplements
Inside Phonics: Reading Practice Book

For extensive skills practice and repetition

Inside A: Student Book

9 units cover 18 weeks of instruction. Four sections per unit: Language Development, Language and Literacy, Language and Content, and Writing. Visuals and audio lessons guide vocabulary development and language learning. Three kinds of readings to reinforce vocabulary and language, provide decodable text, and develop strategies for reading informational text. Spiraling compre... more

Inside A: Student Book e-Edition CD-ROM

Inside Lvl A Student eEdition CD-ROM

Inside A: Student Book e-Edition Online (6 yr)

INSIDE Level A Online Student Edition, 6-year

9780736262217 $68.75
Inside A: Practice Book

Inside Level A Practice Book

Inside © 2014: Folk Tales Collection with CDs

6 copies each of 16 titles and 4 CDs
- I Am La Luna
- The Secret Water
- Can Turtle Fly?
- Leave, Bees!
- Mamo Is Trading Again
- Who Needs Two Wings?
- Plain, White Salt
- Anansi Gives Wisdom to the World
- Maria and the Baker’s Bread
- The Frog Who Stirred the Cream
- Juan Bobo Goes Up and Down the Hill... more

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Inside Fundamentals: Theme Books Single-Copy Set A


Inside Phonics: Phonics Kit