SAM 2013 Projects v1.0 Printed Access Card

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1st Edition

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Get your students workplace-ready with SAM 2013 PROJECTS! SAM's hands-on, live-in-the-application projects help students master Microsoft Office skills that are essential to academic and career success! Business-centric Projects engage students in applying the latest Microsoft Office 2013 skills to ... more


SAM can be accessed under a variety of browser platforms (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome) and operating systems (Windows and Mac OS X).

Ongoing training, service, and support is provided through CourseCare, a revolutionary program designed to give you and your students an unparallel... more

New to this Edition

Fully updated for Microsoft Office 2013.

New SAM Projects are tightly integrated with the skills and learning objectives of our top-selling textbook series, but offer brand new step-by-step activities that go beyond the books to promote critical thinking. SAM's Academic Integrity Manager provides e... more