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Inside Fundamentals: Volume 2 Complex Text Libraries Classroom Set

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6 Copies each of 9 titles (54 books)

Teacher Supplements
Inside Fundamentals: Volume 2 Complex Text Libraries Single-Copy Set

1 copy each of 9 titles
Happy Elephants
The Jackie Robinson Story
Arctic Whale Danger!
The Last of the Cheju Divers
Stories of the Sky
A Real Winner
A Special Kind of Neighborhood
Harvest Festivals
How We Learn About Space

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Student Supplements
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: Technology): How We Learn About Space

Describes the tools scientists use to study space: telescopes, space stations and probes

9780792248293 $10.75
Happy Elephants: Footprint Reading Library 1

Elephants are social animals. In nature, they live happily in family groups. However, people sometimes use elephants for work or put them in zoos. What can people do to make these elephants healthy and happy? How can they stay that way?

9781424043682 $12.00
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: History/Culture): The Jackie Robinson Story

Profiles Robinson and highlights the role he played in ending segregation in baseball

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Arctic Whale Danger!: Footprint Reading Library 1

In the Arctic Ocean, a baby whale goes too close land. It cannot get back to the water. A group of whales are trapped by moving ice. They cannot get back to open water. Will the whales find safety before it is too late?

9781424043712 $12.00
The Last of the Cheju Divers: Footprint Reading Library 2

Cheju, South Korea, is known for its traditional women divers. They have long dived into the ocean to look for seafood. It's dangerous, but there were no other jobs available. Now, women in Cheju have more choices. What jobs can they do? What will happen to the Cheju divers?

9781424044115 $12.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent Plus (Science): Stories of the Sky

Three folktales from different cultures explain how the sun, the moon, and the stars came to be in the sky.

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A Real Winner: Footprint Reading Library 3

Dog sledding is a popular sport in parts of the United States and Canada. It's a challenge for most competitors. However, one racer named Rachael Scdoris faces some special challenges. What challenges does Rachael face? How does she deal with them?

9781424044382 $12.00
A Special Kind of Neighborhood: Footprint Reading Library 2

Most cities have local areas called "neighborhoods." The Mission District is one of San Francisco's oldest neighborhoods. Many people think it's very special because it's so multi-cultural. What makes the Mission District so multi-cultural? Why does that make it special?

9781424044078 $12.00
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: History/Culture): Harvest Festivals

Giving thanks for the crops is important in many cultures. Learn about how people celebrate harvest festivals all over the world.

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