Family Financial Management
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Author : South-Western Educational Publishing


160 Pages  Paperback 

8th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2005, 1999, 1990

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Managing personal finances can be an interesting and challenging task. FAMILY FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 8e is a hands-on, engaging money-management simulation that focuses on budgeting and financial planning for three family units: Tyra Burns, a single woman living on her own; Adam Warner, a single fathe... more


Simulation presents students with a variety of realistic scenarios of several different phases of life for which they will have to apply financial strategies: a young, single woman; a single father; a young married couple.

Data template CD files (optional) allow users to apply what they've learned ... more

New to this Edition

Laws, dollar amounts, tax forms, and Internet resources have all been updated to correlate to todays economy.

Checkpoint questions appear throughout the simulation to help students check their understanding.

FYI features deliver interesting bits of information throughout the simulation.

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