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The Good Writer's Kit: Kit with Teaching Visuals on CD-ROM

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The Good Writer's Kit teaches the process and traits of good writing with concrete solutions to writing problems. It includes student-friendly text and real-world connections. The Good Writer's Kit provides instruction and practice to help students to be successful on high-stakes tests including new tests focusing on the demands of the Common Core State Standards. Explicit, interactive instruction will ensure that students at all levels of the writing process will make writing gains and develop a deeper understanding of reading and writing connections. The Good Writer’s Kit will also help to broaden students identities as writers through developing background knowledge, brainstorming, outlining, and making connections. Also included in the kits are clear layouts, graphics, and multiple examples. This kit includes: The Good Writer's Guide Teacher's Edition, Writer's Workout (Practice Book), Interactive Teaching Lessons, Teaching Visuals on CD-ROM, Visual Writing Prompts CD, and Assessments

Teacher Supplements
The Good Writer's Guide Teacher's Edition

The teacher's edition includes annotations and support pages that offer a variety of options for approaching instruction.

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The Good Writer's Kit: Interactive Teaching Lessons for Use with Teaching Visuals

This kit provides guidance for delivering each lesson, all in a handy format for working with the overhead or LCD projector.

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The Good Writer's Kit: Teaching Visuals on CD-ROM

Dip in and find a lesson on any topic -- elaboration, voice, good beginnings -- or teach a series of lessons to develop skills in tested writing forms. Lessons offer tools to teach/model and conduct guided practice with direct links to practice and application in the Writer's Workout.

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The Good Writer's Kit: Visual Writing Prompts CD

The CD offers an abundance of images to engage students' thinking and prompt their writing.

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The Good Writer's Kit: Assessments

This includes an array of assessment tools, including benchmark tests, section and chapter Tests, and effective measures as well as rubrics, scoring guides, and tracking forms.

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Student Supplements
The Good Writer's Kit: Writer's Workout (Practice Book)

Sticky-note prompts, checklists, and other supports guide students as they write to apply lesson concepts. The finished book becomes a valued portfolio of the student's growth in writing.

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