2012 International Fire Code I-Quest - Single Seat

  • AUTHOR: International Code Council (ICC)
  • ISBN-13: 9781609831424 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • Mixed Media 
  • 1st Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2009
  • ©2011     Published
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About The Product

Discover the power of a reputable fire safety reference guide like the 2012 INTERNATIONAL FIRE CODE® when it's driven by a cutting-edge search engine like I-Quest's Microsoft Fast Folio®. This innovative CD from the International Code Council provides an electronic version of the complete text of the newly updated and reformatted IFC®. With speed and efficiency, the CD allows students to search, link to specific information within the code, bookmark frequently used sections, and mark their own notes within the text. As a result, critical fire safety standards and regulations are presented in a unique, interactive format that fosters engagement and enhances the learning process. This single-user version enables one code user to load the CD's content on to one computer. Check out our app, DEWALT® Mobile Pro™. This free app is a construction calculator with integrated reference materials and access to hundreds of additional calculations as add-ons. To learn more, visit dewalt.com/mobilepro.


  • Offers the most up-to-date information with the "Update" feature that refreshes the content with changes and modifications that occur with subsequent printings of the code.
  • Engages readers by allowing them to copy and paste text, figures, and tables, and add, display, or hide their own searchable notes.
  • Rounds out comprehensive coverage with the addition of helpful resources such as excerpts from code references, historical background on code changes, informative articles from ICC's Building Safety Journal, internet links, and more.

About the Contributor

  • International Code Council (ICC)

    ICC is a leading organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive, coordinated national model construction codes. To date, 48 U.S. states have adopted various international codes from ICC.