Beginning Digital From a VHDL Perspective

  • AUTHOR: Don A. Meador
  • ISBN-13: 9781418041755 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 640 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2012     Published
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About The Product

BEGINNING DIGITAL FROM A VHDL PERSPECTIVE, 1ST EDITION is the first book of its kind in the electronics technology market to break through the schematic barrier. Students achieve a deeper understanding of fundamental digital concepts with the VHDL language that will take them from the NAND function concepts to a fully-functional embedded microcomputer design. By beginning with basic circuit analysis and continuing on to digital concepts, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic introductory principles of digital electronics and VHDL. Topics covered include Boolean algebra, K-map simplification, encoders/decoders, latches, flip-flops, and number systems, among others. An introduction to VHDL constructs and formats is integrated into chapters in the text, giving the reader the most comprehensive understanding of digital concepts. Beginning Digital from a VHDL Perspective, 1st Edition, offers an in-depth introduction to digital electronics while preparing the reader for success in the electronics technology industry.


  • VHLD language is used for better and quicker understanding of digital concepts.
  • Extensive analogies describe and demonstrate basic circuit elements of R, L, C, and transistors.
  • Introduction of constructs and formats of VHDL are contained in separate chapters for easy reference later and then applied in chapters that follow.
  • A full working embedded microcomputer is designed in the last chapter, versus the usual block diagrams.

About the Contributor

  • Don A. Meador

    Don A. Meador has an MSEE from the University of Missouri-Columbia, MO. He has spent the last 4 1/2 years as an Engineer doing Software Development and has 26 years of experience teaching undergraduate students the use of embedded microprocessors in Industry.

Table of Contents

1. Basic Circuit Analysis.
2. Introduction to Digital Concepts.
3. Hardware.
4. Boolean Basics.
5. VHDL Basics.
6. Decoders/ Encoders and Multiplexers/Demultiplexers.
7. Latches and Flip Flops.
8. Number systems.
9. VHDL Intermediate Concepts.
10. Counters.
11. (TBD) Design Examples.
A: How to read Waveforms on an Oscilloscope.
B: Datasheets.
SN74AHC02. SN74AS00. SN74LS00. SN74F00. SN74F02. SN74HC00. SN74HC02. SN74HC04.

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