Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow, Introductory

  • AUTHORS: Deborah Morley; Charles S. Parker
  • ISBN-13: 9781133190257 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 440 Pages  Paperback 
  • 14th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2011, 2009, 2007
  • ©2013     Published
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About The Product

Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow gives your students a classic introduction to computer concepts with a modern twist! Known for its emphasis on industry insight and societal issues, this text makes concepts relevant to today's career-focused students.


  • Updated to cover current and emerging technologies and how they affect students' lives today!
  • CAUTION boxes offer practical tips that students can use immediately to protect themselves from hardware, security, or privacy problems.
  • CHAPTER FEATURE BOXES give students a look at future technologies, as well as how computers and technology are used in everyday life.
  • MODULAR ORGANIZATION emphasizes the relationship among topics and chapters.
  • "ASK THE EXPERT" BOXES offer career advice and technological insights from industry leaders.
  • "EXPERT INSIGHT" ARTICLES provide students with personal insights on the module's topics, including how they impact IT careers and advice for the future.

About the Contributor

  • Deborah Morley

    Deborah Morley has authored more than ten popular computer textbooks, including UNDERSTANDING COMPUTERS: TODAY AND TOMORROW and UNDERSTANDING COMPUTERS IN A CHANGING SOCIETY. Professor Morley earned her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Business Information Systems from California State University, Fresno. Today, she offers more than ten years of experience teaching at the college level.

  • Charles S. Parker

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the World of Computers.
2. The System Unit: Processing and Memory.
3. Storage.
4. Input and Output.
5. System Software: Operating Systems and Utility Programs.
6. Application Software.
7. Computer Networks.
8. The Internet and the World Wide Web.
9. Network and Internet Security.
References and Resources Guide.

New to this Edition

  • New! CourseMate all-in-one digital solution includes an interactive media-rich e-book, engaging activities for reinforcement, videos and video podcasts, and the Engagement Tracker feature for no hassle automatic grading.
  • New interviews with industry experts provide students with current and accurate insight on new technologies and trends.
  • Emphasis throughout the book on societal issues such as ethics, intellectual property rights, security, and privacy keeps students informed on topics that are relevant to their lives today.


Teacher Components

  • A Guided Tour of Hot Technologies  (ISBN-10: 1111825084 | ISBN-13: 9781111825089)
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Student Supplements

  • A Guided Tour of Hot Technologies  (ISBN-10: 1111825084 | ISBN-13: 9781111825089)
    A GUIDED TOUR OF HOT TECHNOLOGIES can add excitement to your classroom. These short videos about the hottest technologies on the Internet – from the latest Google tools to new ways to share information in the cloud – provide current and relevant information on technologies that you can put to use right away.
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