Turfgrass Science and Management

  • AUTHORS: Robert Emmons; Frank Rossi, Ph.D.
  • ISBN-13: 9781111542573 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 608 Pages  Hardcover 
  • 5th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2008, 2000, 1995
  • ©2016     Published
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About The Product

Featuring green environmental practices and current information from recognized leaders in the field, the fifth edition of TURFGRASS SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT invites readers into the thriving turfgrass industry. Designed for both aspiring and practicing turfgrass managers, the book explains the science behind plant growth and soil properties and how to evaluate, establish and maintain a variety of green spaces, including golf courses, athletic fields, and landscaped lawns. In addition, TURFGRASS SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT offers a review of critical math skills, an inside look at careers opportunities, and practical advice on effective business management practices to help prepare turfgrass managers for success.


  • Features Renowned Authors: Turf experts Robert Emmons and Frank Rossi share decades of experience as professionals, scientists, and turfgrass industry leaders.
  • Comprehensive: Properly prepares students for the position of turfgrass manager through a thorough explation of turf principles, turf science, climate and other environmental considerations.
  • Informative: Details the specifics on various types of turfs and recommended management techniques for each.
  • Practical and Applicable: Each discussion considers unique geographical considerations and offers practical information to ensure the turfgrass managers success, including a discussion of warm- and cool-season grasses, as well as the use of both in transition zones.
  • Essential Content: Chapters on golf course management, effective business management practices and mathematical problems relating to turf science.
  • Appendices: Include tables of customary-to-metric and metric-to-­customary conversions, a sprayer calibration procedure, spreader calibration procedures, and a chart covering the identification of turfgrasses by vegetative characteristics.

About the Contributor

  • Robert Emmons

    Robert Emmons is a former golf course superintendent and current Professor in Plant Science at SUNY Cobleskill. He is responsible for turfgrass management and golf course management programs, and created the first Integrated Pest Management course in the northeast. Dr. Emmons works closely with the New York State Turfgrass Association, and received its Citation of Merit for outstanding contributions to the turfgrass industry. Other awards include a Distinguished Service Award from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Certificate of Merit from the United States Department of Agriculture, and State University of New York Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. A recognized authority in turfgrass science, Dr. Emmons lectures at more than 200 conferences throughout the northeast.

  • Frank Rossi, Ph.D.

    Frank Rossi is an Associate Professor in the Horticulture Department at Cornell University. He worked as a golf course superintendent before receiving his BS and MS from The University of Rhode Island and his PhD from Cornell University. Prior to Cornell, Dr. Rossi taught at University of Wisconsin and Michigan State. He has written for many scientific journals, published a textbook on turfgrass problems, and consults all over the world. A frequent conference speaker, Dr. Rossi has received many awards and is considered one of the "green leaders" in the Turfgrass Industry.

Table of Contents

About the Authors.
1. The Turfgrass Industry.
2. Introduction to Turfgrass.
3. Warm-Season Grasses.
4. Cool-Season Grasses.
5. Introduction to Soils.
6. Soil Modification and Drainage.
7. Soil Chemistry.
8. Soil Testing.
9. Establishment.
10. Fertilization.
11. Mowing.
12. Water and Irrigation.
13. Pesticides.
14. Weeds.
15. Insects.
16. Turfgrass Diseases.
17. Integrated Pest Management.
18. Other Turfgrass Problems.
19. Improving Unsatisfactory Turf.
20. Golf Course Management.
21. Lawns and Other Turf Areas.
22. Sports Turf.
23. Business Management Practices.
24. Turfgrass Calculations.
Appendix A: Conversion Tables.
Appendix B: Sprayer Calibration.
Appendix C: Spreader Calibration.
Appendix D: Identification of Grasses by Vegetative Characteristics.
Appendix E: Seed Identification.

New to this Edition

  • Current and Cutting Edge: Internationally recognized leader in the turfgrass industry, co-author Dr. Frank Rossi, provides technical know-how on current practices and procedures in turfgrass management.
  • Environmentally Responsible: "Green" turf management techniques are covered, such as organic turf care, limiting chemical inputs, efficient irrigation, and reducing emissions in addition to a review of various "green" career opportunities.
  • Insightful: "Turf Tips" and "Fast Facts" are all-new features that offer practical advice and insider's knowledge for successful turfgrass management.
  • Vibrant and Engaging: The full-color design features new photos and colorized illustrations to provide visual references for turfgrass identification practices.
  • Robust Instructor and Student Support: Instructor Companion Site: Features information specifically designed for the instructor, including Answers to Review and Discussion Questions, Lesson Plans, PowerPoint® presentations, Testing powered by Cognero, and an Image Gallery. CourseMate: An online tool designed for students and combines the Turfgrass Science and Management, 5E ebook with additional features to enhance learning for the student. It includes the PowerPoint® presentations, additional quizzing, glossary, interactive activities, lab exercises and additional resources. Also featured is an Engagement Tracker that allows instructors to monitor time on task for each individual student.


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