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Avenues C: Theme Library

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One copy each of 12 titles

Student Supplements
Library Book: About Amphibians (Paperback)

About Amphibians (PB)

9781561453122 $10.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Science: Physical Science): Sound

Looks at how sound travels, vibrates and changes in volume and pitch

Library Book: The Very Quiet Cricket

The Very Quiet Cricket

9780399218859 $29.25
Library Book: The Rain Came Down

Once upon a sunny day, the sky clouded over and the rain came down. The chickens squawked, the dog barked, the baby cried, the traffic snarled, the groceries fell, the people bickered and still, the rain came down.

9780439050210 $21.75
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: Geography): A Good Place For a City

Discusses why many cities are located near bodies of water

Library Book: Bread Is For Eating

All around the world, people eat bread, from tortillas to pita to sliced white. This book celebrates bread and everyone who works so hard to make it, from seed to supermarket. The rhythmic, bilingual text introduces readers to Spanish words through song.

9780805057980 $12.00
Library Book: Plant Packages

A seed is like a little package. It has everything it needs to make a new plant. Colorful illustrations and entertaining text tell how tiny seeds grow into big, leafy plants.

9781404801080 $32.25
Library Book: Storm Is Coming!

As the news travels across the farm, the animals fear the worst. Who is this terrifying creature named Storm? Huddled in the barn, the animals anxiously wait for his arrival. But when the sky gets darker, growling fiercely and flashing bright lights, the animals are relieved. The sky must be trying to protect them by scaring away Storm! Young children will relish the ... more

9780803726260 $19.50
Library Book: Celebrating

Explores the importance of celebrating to people all over the world.

9781575053721 $10.00
Library Book: Apple Pie 4th of July

Shocked that her parents are cooking Chinese food to sell in the family store on this all-American holiday, a feisty Chinese-American girl tries to tell her mother and father how things really are. But as the parade passes by and fireworks light the sky, she learns a lesson of her own.

9780152025434 $21.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Life Science): Walking Up Walls

Introduces adaptations that allow some animals to climb vertical surfaces