American Government: Institutions and Policies (AP® Edition)

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Authors : James Q. Wilson; John J. DiIulio, Jr.; Meena Bose


784 Pages  Hardcover 

14th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2013, 2011, 2008

©2015 , Published


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Acclaimed for the scholarship of its prominent authors and the clarity of its narrative, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: INSTITUTIONS AND POLICIES sets the standard for public policy coverage while maintaining focus on three fundamental topics: the importance of institutions of American government; the histori... more


How Things Work boxes summarize key concepts and important facts that facilitate students' comprehension of the political process.

Landmark Cases provide brief descriptions of important Supreme Court cases.

Now and Then chapter-opening vignettes offer attention-grabbing looks at a particular topic... more

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Updates throughout the text reflect the latest scholarship and current events, including the Supreme Court ruling upholding the health care law; the 2012 elections; budget battles and the sequestration of funds; ongoing debates about immigration, gay marriage, and other key issues in American politi... more